The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Online courses are courses that are performed on the online platform. Several universities and websites are designed to offer this online courses. The development of the internet technology is what has led to the tremendous advancement in this technology. Online courses has received a tremendous due to the following factors: it looks cool, and thus most of the young people are shunning away from the traditional education thus making them switch more to the online courses, the poor economic times in many countries has actually led to people considering to move to the online courses so as to add their level of career. The Online Courses have got its pros and cons. Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of the online education.

Online Education Pros

It's very convenient. This is the most common form of education due to its convenience in nature. This is because online courses don't require you to travel from one point to another all you need is just your laptop and some internet connections. You can also learn at your time since it's not bound to time limits in form of timetables. This allows you to carry out your task and shift back to learning at your free time. Most of the online courses also provide virtual discussions thus creating a personal appeal when using it. You can easily access the learning resources easily without necessarily going to the library. This is by the aid of the Wikipedia pages.

It's Cheap. Comparing the cost of acquiring an online course to acquiring the other course then receiving an online course is very less expensive. This is because you don't need to travel, and you can also attend your job while attending the class. Online courses also allow you to interact with many people from all over the world thus creating a perfect synergy. There is also no immigration and discrimination issues in form of gender, race, etc. thus making it an ideal platform for acquiring your education.

Cons of Online Courses

There is a limited social interaction during taking of your courses. Thus, one can't develop relationships with their classmates. There is also no personal appeal since most of the communication is carried out in the emails, chat rooms, and discussion groups.

The cost of technology and scheduling might hinder the smooth running of the course taking procedures. Most of the software programs that you own must be bought and also getting the internet connection might also be costly. You also need to have some computer knowledge so as to facilitate the whole task. Acquiring this knowledge in some regions might also be costly.

When it comes to having an effective assessment, then there is a big problem in this section. The online technology uses the memorable ability and not a practiced ability of the student and this results to a big question on the competent levels of the students.

The instructors also require more advanced software so as to facilitate the whole operation. At the moment, this software are not yet developed thus it becomes quite difficult in rendering this instruction

Yummy Food Expo is back

Yummy Food Expo is back

Yummy Food Expo, one of Singapore's largest consumer food fairs, organised by Constellar, returns from 23 to 26 June at the Singapore EXPO in a triumphant return to an in-person edition celebrating flavours from around the globe. Expecting to attract over 6,000 visitors, the 4-day extravaganza – its sixth edition - will feature over 160 exhibitors showcasing a diverse variety of local and international food and beverage delights, with exclusive show bundles, attractive deals and discounts.

Complementing on-site dining will be a beer garden hosted by Heineken featuring its Heineken® Blade – A compact draught dispenser allowing hosts to serve premium quality chilled beer anywhere when plugged in. This product will be available for subscription sign-up at the fair.

"The experience of discovering new food, dining and drinking together is irreplaceable. Now that we're able to do so on a larger scale, we're looking forward to bringing back flavours, friends and families under one roof for a local experience like no other," said Mr Chua Wee Phong, Chief Executive (Markets) of Constellar.

Take a stroll through the food fair and eat your way through a sumptuous selection of ready-to-consume food such as local fare Teochew traditional oyster puffs, chicken rice, seafood, Kong Ba Bao, Ba Kwa and more. Those who miss travelling can locate regional favourites such as Mookata, Moo Ping and Kanom Luk Chup (Mung Bean dessert) from Thailand, stewed pork belly rice from Taiwan, and freshly baked egg bread from Korea. Pair your selections with beer at the beer garden, best enjoyed with family and friends.

"The atmosphere at the fair has always been a complete sensory experience that can't compare with just mere images on a menu. To be surrounded by new and familiar F&B brands taking part in the food fair is heartening, especially after what the industry went through in the past two years. We are thrilled to return, to see what's new and also be able to interact with customers to get instant feedback," said Mr Ferus Bakar, Marketing Director of Royal Cuisine Group. The company will be showcasing its signature Seafood Shell Out, whose chefs have curated a portion size perfect for two people.

Snack and pastry lovers will also be spoilt for choice with freshly fried fries, chips and fried salmon skin, as well as macarons, durian puffs and many other tantalising treats. Seekers of healthier options and alternatives can also find premium quality Chinese herbs and concoctions, dried nuts and fruits, honey, vinegar, juices, milk alternatives and plant-based food.

"With our honey being 100% natural and halal-certified, people often have many questions about its uses and benefits. We're excited that we now have an opportunity to share more in person and give people more assurance with their purchase by sampling before purchasing. Many of our regular customers will also be dropping by and we can't wait to see them in person again," said Mr Javier Lau, CEO of 13 Honey Group.

Visitors can also purchase a diverse range of meal prep and ready-to-cook food, spanning from fresh seafood to noodles and rice. As an established launchpad for local and global players' new food creations, the Expo will also be showcasing smart food preparation technologies and appliances such as stir-fryers, induction stoves and cookers, and water dispensers.

To celebrate the return of the fair in person, visitors get to win a total of SGD$38,888 worth of cash vouchers and product prizes, where every $50 spent entitles visitors to one chance to win a prize at the redemption counter. These prizes include gift hampers by Heineken, a water filter dispenser from Focuswater, product hampers by Pursoft, House of Seafood dining vouchers, electronic products from Audio House, beverages from Cocomax and many other product gift bundles from other exhibiting companies at the Expo.

Yummy Food Expo will be at the Singapore EXPO Hall 5 from 23 to 26 June (Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm daily with free admission).

The Best Birdwatching Spots in Singapore

The Best Birdwatching Spots in Singapore

You'd be surprised at how many birds there are in Singapore and how many great birdwatching spots there are in Singapore. It's great to be inspired to get out of the city and see the amazing birds that call Singapore home. Come rain or sunshine; you can find birds almost anywhere in Singapore. Perhaps this is why birdwatching remains one of the most popular hobbies here. After all, what other city can boast of having more than 400 types of resident birds? That said, not all birds are created equal. Some are shy, while others are easily spooked by human activities.

This is why if you're serious about birdwatching, you need to know where these little feathered friends like to hang out the most and when they tend to appear most frequently in nature. If you have time and will, there's no better way to experience Singapore than through its wildlife. For those sharing the same passion for birds, it's great to discover a curated list of the top birdwatching spots in Singapore that blow the mind.

With more than 400 species of birds calling Singapore home, it's no wonder that birdwatching is one of the most popular activities here. The joy of watching birds and other winged creatures in their natural habitat is a wholesome experience for everyone, especially when you're surrounded by lush greenery, clean air, and fresh water in the vicinity. There are some top locations to see birds in Singapore.

You can visit them at any time of the year and see different species depending on what time of year it is. Some are great for spotting specific types (like kingfishers), while others have so many varieties you'll keep coming back every time you visit; you'd know that Singapore is an urban jungle. Our little red dot is home to a myriad of wildlife – some more visible than others. Get past the ubiquitous crows and pigeons and get to enjoy many other hidden gems waiting to be discovered by nature enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer your birds in their natural habitat or as a pet, there is something for everyone when it comes to bird watching in Singapore. From the top of Mendended to the depths of siknended; from Sentosa's lush forest trails to Pulau Ubin's mangroves, there are many amazing spots for birdwatching in Singapore. So, panic gone, peace returned. That is how we feel once the birds fly away. Birds are winged visitors to our green spaces in Singapore, where the concrete jungle has taken over almost everything. When they fly away, it feels like the jungle within us has retreated temporarily, and we need to bring them back again. We do this by making places that are conducive for them to live, eat and breed. If you have an obsession with birds, you can visit some top birdwatching spots in Singapore that will blow your mind.

Being an island state with a warm tropical climate, Singapore is home to many unique species of birds. If you've been here before and have not seen any birds yet, we are quite sure that it's because you haven't explored the island enough. You can always check into some fantastic birdwatching spots in Singapore to see all the feathery friends that the island offers.

Consider this: The Mandai Lake Bird Sanctuary is the perfect place for birdwatchers. Not only is it home to over 170 bird species, but it also provides a great opportunity to take a break from the city, enjoy nature and learn more about the creatures that occupy our world. You can even spot the elusive black-winged kite, which is incredibly rare in Singapore. If you are interested in seeing what rare birds can be found in Singapore, we encourage you to check out the Mandai Lake Bird Sanctuary. With its compact size, Singapore makes for a great country for birdwatching. You get to see a lot of different birds in a short amount of time. Indeed, there are many great birdwatching spots in Singapore.

We know that you will be able to make the most of your birdwatching trip to Singapore as long as you have a good grasp of the different spots available. If you're looking for more information about birdwatching, or you're interested in seeing more bird species around Singapore, you should check out the National Parks Boards website. We hope you have a great time birdwatching experience on your next visit.

Dash Living increased demand from young professionals

Dash Living increased demand from young professionals

Dash Living, Asia's leading serviced co-living community, is expanding its co-living options in Singapore with two new properties, Dash Living on Mackenzie and Dash Living on Kinta, in convenient locations for residents and long-term visitors. With these two new properties, Dash Living now operates 800+ units in Singapore.

Co-living demand is growing steadily in Singapore. Dash Living continues to leverage this demand for long-stay accommodation, bringing value to more than 40 asset owners and hotel partners. The launch of the two properties is also timely as Singapore commenced welcoming fully vaccinated business and leisure travellers back to the city as businesses and other activities resumed.

"The opening of Dash Living's first standalone properties in Singapore demonstrates our continued commitment to Singapore. We achieved a remarkable 95% occupancy rate in Singapore in 2021, which signals the increased demand from Singapore customers despite the latest rental index reaching a 7-year high. We look forward to seeing more growth in this market this year as business and events resume," said Aaron Lee, founder, and CEO of Dash Living. "In Singapore, the average length of stay is increasing, and we believe the market is receptive to shared living and that this lifestyle continues to gain traction in the region."

Dash Living is looking to open more properties in Singapore in the next few years. The company is well-positioned to ride the recovery wave and benefit from the hot rental market that continues to see demand outstripping supply. With a vibrant portfolio of products with a strong tenant community, an engaging ecosystem of perks and happenings, and a network of options across four countries, Dash Living continues to work with institutional investors and hotel partners to launch new properties and projects in the Asia Pacific.

The two new Dash Living properties are located in the heart of Singapore's cultural district. The fully launched Dash Living on Mackenzie offers compact rooms with different sizes and layouts for different budgets, all within a three-minute walk of the nearby Little India MRT Station. The property has achieved 95% occupancy within 3 months after the soft launch.

Dash Living on Mackenzie's 40 rooms comprise three different room categories – Cosy, Comfy and Classy Rooms –all fully furnished, and with en-suite bathrooms. Tenants staying in all room categories have access to the social lounge for co-working or dining, pay-per-use launderette services, an outdoor kitchenette, and an alfresco rooftop area.

Located within a short walk of the Farrer Park MRT Station, the soon-to-be-launched Dash Living on Kinta has 30 studios and two-bedroom units, all with en-suite bathrooms. The property also has a rooftop garden with a plunge pool, offering tenants a lush oasis for relaxing and socialising, as well as additional tenant facilities within the property.

Conveniently close to vibrant Little India and Farrer Park, tenants at both Dash Living Mackenzie and Dash Living Kinta can make the most of Singapore's diverse food choices, shopping, and culture. These Dash Living properties in Singapore are modern new accommodation options for young urban professionals, millennials and business travellers alike.

Tenants can stay for a minimum of three months and enjoy 20+ perks, such as co-working passes, trial memberships in neighbourhood gyms, plus shopping and dining discounts. On top of the perks, tenants also get access to community events like barista workshops, online yoga classes and wellness classes, and community-led cooking and cycling get-togethers.

Dash Living is Asia's new generation of rental solutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. Founded by serial entrepreneur Aaron Lee and with venture capital backed by MindWorks Ventures, Grosvenor, Taronga Ventures and more, Dash Living's mission is to create a global accommodation community through the sharing of economies, technology, and unique tenant experiences, further empowering discerning urban professionals to live and thrive in the most expensive cities in the world.