Activities Available in Singapore

Activities Available in Singapore

When a group visited Singapore a few years back, they had been on the road for more than ½ a year. By the time they reached this place at the South Eastern part of Asia, they were tired and drained already. They have spent most of their time hanging out in the malls, they were just drinking and sipping a cup of coffee while cooling down with the air-conditioning system. they have never left the downtown core. The cash is actually running out and the hotels are so costly. They have managed to walk around and they have missed so much already. If they only knew that there are discounted hotels around online, they may have been able to fit into a few more days to enjoy and to find out what Singapore has to offer.

They were just so amazed to know that Singapore has a lot of nature reserves and even parks that a person may check out. Who would ever though that the next most populous nation across the globe may have more natural sceneries for people to slow down a bit and have a good time with the nature. There is just a lot of things to do and visit in Singapore. It is not just meant for shopping savvies, but it is also meant for those who love to spend the night in a bar. There are some ideas meant for your outdoor adventure when you visit this small nation, you must be ready, because it is filled with all the adventures and activities that you could ever asked for.

First thing you can do upon arriving in Singapore is to check some of the rock climbing facilities. There are lots of it in this part of Asia. In fact, the old Bukit Timah Quarries is one of the most popular. There are more than fifty routes to challenge you and that ranges from the simple to the hardest routes. Rock climbing is quite new in this country, but a lot of people are now enjoying it. Another activity is wake boarding. This is not just famous, but the cable ski park as well. It seems like it is by far one of the best method to learn the new tricks using a board. You will be pulled around in a lagoon using a cable. It will be more affordable than renting a boat and then it will be available for around 8 riders that can be on the same cable one at a time, that will give you a lot of time into the water.

Paragliding is another activity, it is also available in Peru and in Nepal, however, they are more expensive. They are not really budget friendly. Probably, Singapore will be among the places that will surely become famous in this activity. There is a new adventure travel world of Singapore where you can try paragliding. Who doesn't know ziplining? The

Mega zip

park in Singapore is an outdoor activity area to make your adrenalin rush for the day.

You will go through the jungle canopy, mini bungee jump and rock climbing all at once with the zipline. If you are not a fan of bungee jumping and other activities, then you can try the zipline. It is more than fifty feet high, that made it known as the Mega Zip. You can also check out the Mount Faber Park. They have made this one perfect with all the beautiful views around. This is a nine-kilometer-wide park with greeneries around. The trails cut through the forest and it has the highest pedestrian bridge throughout the country.

A Day Trip To Singapore

A Day Trip To Singapore

A small nation, Singapore which offers its travelers an array of refreshment, entertainment and shopping options with the best resources. To visit the top tourist attractions in a day, start your journey by adding efficient and convenient transport facility to your trip. Things you have to remember before you plan your trip, get up early in the morning and have your breakfast with the local cuisine. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city one can watch diverse cultures and different colors, and all varieties of food courts. According to your taste and budget, you can visit the restaurants and shopping malls and the attractions in the city. Before stepping in the city it is very important to know the some of the rules of the country. Never litter in the public places when you visit to smart nation. Littering in public spots carries a fine which is far above your expectations. It may be more than $1000, because they never allow people to do such things. Chewing gums are totally restricted in the country, because some people after eating they spit on the streets. There is a ban on importing chewing gum, only chewing gum of therapeutic value is allowed into Singapore. To have an enjoyable trip remembers the basic things to be followed.

Convenient Transportation

If you plan a one day trip to Singapore, take a local transport, and visit Little India where you can have your whole shopping under one roof. The customers are mostly Indians, and one can have a real fun in this mall. You can bargain and buy all perfumes, souvenirs and groceries and so on. In the Little India along with the shopping malls there are also food courts. So you can enjoy shopping while refreshing. If you are bored with only one location, then you can visit the sidewalk cafes to have your cuisines. If private transport is not in your budget, then you can plan a bus tour, which is equivalent to the private transport. So to have an overview of the city just begin your journey with the hop on –hop off bus tour, where in two hours you can visit the city and three neighbouring cities, which is the best way for the first time visitors to Singapore. Children can enjoy by sitting on the deck of the bus, parents can also if preferred to have a nice look. To take the photographs one can sit on the deck of the bus. In times of hot timings you can sit in the air conditioning shelter.

River Cruise and Double Deckers

If you prefer the bus tour, then automatically you will be taken to the river cruise when there is a lot of fun and enjoyment. To have a bird's view to see the major important places the tourists can board a double Decker bus tours. These double Decker buses have open tops and on and off you can get on and get off from the bus by taking a single ticket for the day. The river cruise gives a different view for the tourists. In the river cruise you can watch Singapore from beneath instead from above. So plan your trip to Singapore for a day to enjoy the double Deckers and river cruise and have the utmost enjoyment.

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

Clarke Quay is the an intriguing location, where there are plenty of restaurants, boutiques and collection of condos are seen here. Remember to back from this most attractive place. The Boat Quay is the center for the shop houses and pubs and offices in the nightlife, from this place you can watch the skyscrapers of the nation, financial and world class banking centers.

Fullerton Hotel

You are not supposed to miss this five star hotel, because it is the historic hotel, and its size accommodates some public offices and pubs in the building. The magnificent Fullerton Building is a grand neoclassical landmark built in 1928. Gazetted in December 2015 as a National Monument, it was once home to Singapore's General Post Office, the Exchange Room and Exchange Reference Library, and the prestigious Singapore Club. For nearly a century, it has played a pivotal role in Singapore's rich history. Today, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has been transformed into a stunning 400-room heritage hotel in Singapore.

You may also want to plan a day trip to the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore to check out the skyscrapers and get a different view of the city from different locations.

A Haven for Shoppers

A Haven for Shoppers

Have you ever thought of where to go shopping while you are in Singapore? Well, this city has a lot of all original places that offer you a lot of shopping options in the middle of the cultural landmarks and beautiful architectural landscapes. As you walk through the Orchard road, which is among the most beautiful place in Singapore to shop. There is also a belt which is housing some of the most sophisticated dining, entertainment and retail shops to add up to your list. Regardless if you are seeking for an international lavish brands, the classy home labels and even the trendiest fashion collections are a must to visit. On a note, there are 2 highly known department stores in Singapore, it is theRobinsons. There is another one namedTangs. They are both famous and they have stayed famous for their beautiful lines and incomparable services.

Typically known as the Robinson as well as Spicer, Robinsons started its career in Singapore when they put up a storeroom in a commercial square also known as Raffles Place. It has lots of outlets which made it well regarded in Singapore. Good thing there is a one-hundred-year old heritage local retail powerhouse. Tangs was established by a businessman in nineteen fifties. It has moved to its present building at the connection of Orchard as well as Scotts roads and it also boasts a number of apparel and some household collection. Both of the shops offer different collections from famous local designers. They were all made up of natural fibers. If you want to experience a combination of lavish retail with beautiful views, you can come to the Marina Bay Sands, which is a unified kind of resort.

When the Shops at the Marina Bay Sandsopened in 2010, there has been the biggest range of lavish labels housing in here. There have been over a hundred lavish and premium brands in the flagships of the said establishment. The brands and the labels are among the famous ones and they have limited editions of all the items that are sold here in an exclusive manner. The shops have been expanding the lavish lines from kids wear to the adults. Moreover, you must not miss this chance. You can have some of the best local designs that can also be found there like the Ong Shunmugam, Ashley Isham with some of the best creations that have been adorned such as the Agenlina Jolie collections.

You can also come to the Sentosa Harbour Front. It is located at the south coast. It has a lot of things in store for you. It has been linked with the pleasure and persuading attractions, there are bars, diners, pristine beaches and some of the largest malls and lavish boutiques that you can find. You must take time out to shop and unleash the Vivo City, it is one of the biggest mall in the city so far. It has lots of shopping choices for you and for the while household.

There are also distinct shops that you can find there. The amenities are also child friendly, so bringing your kids here will never be a problem. You can also go to the Harbour Front Center. It is a beautiful three storey shop that provides the best options of retails. They also have a store meant for moms and pregnant women, there is also an electronic shop like sporting equipment. When you have shopped and you want an adventure, you can take the cable car going to Sentosa. It is one of the best fun filled playground in Singapore.

A culinary guide for Tourists

A culinary guide for Tourists

Singaporeans love and live to eat. Singapore is considered as world –class food center, its interest in culinary field increased, resulted established many food courts to simplify the travelers troubles. As the nation bears out of the indigenous diversity, the state offers quality cuisine for the residents and migrants. There are centers for celebrities and commons to taste the food of the city.

Hawker Centers

The hawker center or food courts in Singapore are the suitable locations for the travelers to enjoy the delicious cuisines. The hawker centers offer many varieties, including Hokkien Mee, Biryani, chicken and meat curries. The ‘Lau Pa Sat' is the best place for lunch. Wow!. To have the chicken rice just walk to famous Tian Tian Chicken Rice, which is very near to Maxwell Food Centre. Hey! Are you searching for the Chili Crab, don't waste your time just take the Old Airport Road where you can get the cheap chili crab center. Wonderful option for the South Indians to have a Thali in Singapore. To taste South Indian dishes visit to Tekka Centre. It is the most convenient for the travelers who are visiting the bumboat to Pulau Ubin islands to taste Malaysian's dishes and travel to Ubin Island. To taste the delicious local foods visit the largest hawker center, China Food Centre, where there are nearly 260 food stalls. The China Food Centre offers food for reasonable rates. So all travelers can visit this to enjoy the tasty food.

Peranakan Cuisine

The travelers who are interested to have a fusion food, the best place is ‘Blue Ginger'. The Peranakan is a mashup of the both nations, China and Malay traditions culinary. Despite Singapore's rise in the food courts, Peranakan cuisine is overlooked by the visitors to carry the pocket street food. The Peranakan tastes the oldest fusion food, but it is more delicious. Cuisines like Chap Chye and Babi Pongteh are the important cuisines offered by the Peranakan centers. ‘Chili Padi Nonya' is the famous cuisine center for the travelers in the Joo Chiat area and the price limit is reasonable for the common people. One more important Peranakan cuisine is ‘Candlenut', which is serving different foods from three decades and the main attraction of this food court is it offers the Peranakan food prepared with western techniques.

Decent Dine

One can enjoy the decent dines in celebrity restaurants. ‘Adrift by David Myers', this is the chef David's restaurant where the visitors have a thought provoking variety and also can have the fusion cuisines. The interior decoration of the restaurant is with the timber and dark copper, which looks more sophisticated, yet intimacy ambience. Singapore is in the list of the top 50 restaurants, the travelers can have decent dines all over the region. ‘Mod Sin' restaurant is the best in the city. Some of the restaurants offer the cocktail parties, and also a bar and lounge are are preferred by the visitors. To have the healthy salads and meats grilled on a robata grill are also available in these celebrity restaurants.


Start your day with a fine Jesish deli, Are the kids are looking for the potato pancakes? Hey, there are available in the ‘Sacha & Sons', wake up and start to have a nice breakfast and start a fresh day with the refreshments in this restaurant. If you prefer Picturesque Fusion Brunce , then you have to visit the Paddy Hills in Buona Vista location. To sip the toasted coffee pave your way to the ‘Toby's Estate where this center is popularly known for the coffee café. To eat Egg Benedict and Egg Atlantic visit ‘Provision Shop'

Travelers who are visiting Singapore need not worry, for their cuisines. They can enjoy all the good food according to their taste. Since we're going on about food, guess we should give some recognition to Singapore Food Guide, Restaurant Reviews & Reservation - HungryGoWhere and Burpple guides you to good food & best restaurants in Singapore recommended by locals.