On 5th March 2016, a group of volunteers will be contributing their vocal talents at Raffles Institution's Performing Arts Centre to raise funds for a local charity called Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT), whose founder is an alumni of the Raffles network of educational institutions in Singapore. The charity's name itself was inspired by Raffles Girls' School's motto "Filiae Melioris Aevi" meaning "Daughters Of A Better Age".

This young upstart charity was set up in 2014 to enable underprivileged women from low-income families with confidence, skills and access to job opportunities. They have built a support network for more than 280 women, impacted more than 40 families and helped 17 women achieve sustained employment in the short time since they started. Carrie Tan, the founder was thanked personally for the work being done at DOT by President Obama himself last November, when she did the opening introduction for POTUS at a Young Southeast Asian Leaders' Town Hall session in Kuala Lumpur.

Songbirds, the concert is testament to the dedication of love amongst the DOT community in Singapore that has made its work possible - people putting their talents, skills and resources together to enable and empower the women of Daughters Of Tomorrow. You can read about the volunteer performers here:

The event targets to raise $25,000 to support 70 women on their back-to-work journey. For a $100 ticket, you will not only be helping to make confidence and a brighter future possible for the women and their families, you will also be bringing a song into the hearts of the volunteers who have worked hard for several months to make this event possible.

The concert will be on 5th March 2016 (Saturday 3pm to 6pm), at Raffles Institution Performing Arts Centre. To purchase tickets, please email Find out more about Daughters Of Tomorrow at

Singapore - sunshine and humidity

Singapore - sunshine and humidity

If you are new to traveling to the Far East, there may be certain things you would like to find out about Singapore's climate. Singapore lies in a tropical zone, meaning that you can expect to experience heat and humidity throughout the year. The minimum average temperature is 23°Celsius, and the maximum is around 31°. The readings for humidity range between 70 and 80%.

The climate is mostly dry with occasional showers, although you can expect monsoons, the season for which lasts from November through to January. As far as Asian weather is concerned, Singapore's climate is relatively favourable. Many visitors, especially those from colder countries in Northern Europe, are drawn here because of the pleasant heat. The soothing combination of warmth and moisture is ideal for those out and about exploring the attractions the city state has to offer.

Basically, Singapore has the same overall climate as the tropical rainforests in this part of the world. Average daily temperatures do not tend to fluctuate very much, with the region's proximity to the equator meaning heat and humidity remain constant throughout the year. A further part of the equation is the fact that Singapore is an island lying in the South China Sea. This means that cool sea breezes frequently waft inwards, making for a refreshing counterbalance to the heat during the long summer days.

In order to cope with these climate conditions, the ideal fashion decisions for any tourist should include light clothes, with a portable umbrella in case of sudden downpours. During the monsoon season, there maybe three to four days of continuous rainfall. Even as the season begins to peter out towards April, there is still an increased likelihood of tropical showers. Between June and September you may experience the south-west monsoon, driven by southerly winds. The good news is that because Singapore is so dense populated, you are never far from a doorway to shelter under should you be unlucky enough to be caught in the open during one of these cloudbursts!

Especially for travelers from the northern hemisphere, it is a good idea to take adequate precautions against the heat. The combination of warmth and moisture can prove deceptive, with travelers not appreciating how much exposure they have had to direct sunshine until they get back to their hotel and feel sunburned. So a good idea is to have a supply of lotions, moisturizers, sun-blocks and other skin creams.

There is no particular time of year that is more advisable than others for visiting Singapore. Its pleasant climate is ideal for those wishing to experience the heat the Far East offers, tempered with moisture and occasional showers.

Singapore Cruises

Singapore Cruises

Singapore is the perfect launchpad for exotic and memorable sea voyages. Its location at the southernmost tip of the Asian continent is ideal for cruising. There are numerous cruise lines to choose from, all of which have unique attributes.

Superstar Virgo will transport you to many neighbouring countries. Amongst the interesting destinations on offer are Ho Chi Minh City on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam, Redang and Langkawi, the Malayan resort in the beautiful Andaman Sea.

Legend of the Seas is a towering 70,000-tonnes cruise liner that offers so much more to its customers than just a pleasant form of sea transport. Any jaunt on this majestic ship will be crammed with fun opportunities, superb cuisine, and a fine choice of ultimate locations. Destination include Semerang, Bali, Ko Samui and Lombok, as well as many more.

Costa Classica, another large and superbly-appointed vessel, will take you to such far-flung destinations as Phuket, Penang, Kuantan and Malacca.

Asuka Cruises are ideally suited to Japanese-speakers. Renowned for the sophistication of their vessels, these ships are particularly welllaid out, with superb fittings and furnishings.

Azamara Club Cruises give off an unmistakeable historical ambience. The décor make you feel less as if you're sailing across the Pacific Ocean, more as if you've walked into a tastefully decorated old-world country club.

By complete contrast, Crystal Cruises offer a much more contemporary style. The rooms and leisure facilities are especially geared towards 21st-century travelers.

Fred Olsen cruise ships are renowned for their European look. The overall décor presents an aura of space. The entertainment suite is perfect for western tourists, featuring an array of highly-talented performers, mainly from the UK.

P & O Cruises, one of the world's oldest and most respected, offer the best in traditional British ocean cruising. The facilities are superb, with a diverse range of modern leisure offerings for adult travelers or family groups. The same criteria apply to cruises from Singapore operated by Cunard Lines.

If you are less concerned with plush surroundings or five-star banquets and more focused on a relaxed atmosphere, Oceania Cruises are ideal. The food is always well-prepared, and dining is undertaken against a laid-back atmosphere – perfect for recharging your batteries in-between the bustling stop-off points.

The Singapore Cruise Centre, located on the city state's waterfront, offers a myriad tourist destinations for travelers. Located near Sentosa Island – itself home to a theme park, wildlife reserves, adventure rides and beautiful gardens – you are already close to Changi International Airport. This location is ideal for selecting any of the numerous destinations on offer for the local cruise ships.

Singapore island hopping

Singapore island hopping

One of the most popular pastimes for visitors to Singapore, combining sightseeing with traveling, is to ‘island-hop'. Singapore itself is surrounded by dozens of idyllic island retreats, each one having its own unique characteristics.


An ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis is to head for one of the more tranquil locations, Kusu. Also known colloquially as ‘Tortoise Island', this family-friendly destination is highly recommended for those with an interest in nature, wildlife or history. The island is also the location of the annual Kusu Pilgrimage, between September and November, when thousands of people arrive to pay homage for good luck health and happiness. There is a beautiful lagoon, sandy beaches and a variety of animal life. While the island itself is open to visitors on a daily basis, overnight stays are not allowed.


In contrast to the quiet retreat that is Kusu Island, the much larger Sentosa is known as Singapore's playground. Here there are activities to keep you occupied, no matter what your tastes are. You can find out all about insect life at the colourful Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, as well as learning out all about flora and fauna on guided tours of Sentosa Nature Discovery. Lovers of white-knuckle rollercoaster entertainment can take a ride on Skyline Luge Sentosa – a go-kart / toboggan ride that sends you careering downhill on a 650-metre jungle trail.

For those of a sportier disposition, you can play volleyball on Siloso Beach. When the sun sinks over the horizon, you can be transfixed by ‘Songs of the Sea', a multisensory experience.

During your visit to Sentosa you can check into a five-star hotel, relax in a spa, and if you fancy a break from thrill rides there are heritage sites to explore.

Sister's Islands

Sister's Islands lie south of the main island of Singapore. This region is extremely popular with campers and snorkelers, the latter gravitating towards the rich marine life off-shore. A narrow channel separates the islands, and the area is popular for picnics due to the shady palm trees and shelters on the golden beaches. The reefs are home to myriad species of fantastically-colourful tropical fish. Access is gained by chartering a boat from the Marine South Pier - one thing to note is that you require a permit to camp out here.

St. John's Island

St John's Island is a beautiful retreat, close to the thriving streets of Singapore, yet a world away. In days long gone by, this island was a quarantine area for unfortunate leprosy cases as well as a penal colony! Today, thankfully, you are far more likely to be able to observe dolphins frolicking in the surf while you picnic, rather than anything more sinister!