Investment in the Future

Investment in the Future

The Government's Investment in the Future of Music

The Media Development Authority (MDA) have an abundance of extremely generous schemes in place to help media professionals develop new skills and seek new opportunities, whether as a freelancer or as an employee.

If you work in production and are looking to develop new skills in a particular software package or are required to build up certain qualifications to work in a niche area of production then there are grants to help you fund your goals. Or perhaps you are part of a band or solo musician or singer who is looking to release their own record or who is providing the soundtrack/sound effects for film/animation/TV. There are multiple grants to help you get started in your chosen endeavors.

At a glance, here are some of the ways the Singapore government can help members of its music industry:

Development Assistance Scheme - developing a single and press kit The scheme aims to aid unsigned artists (solos and bands) looking to break into the commercial music industry and who need some assistance in funding their first single and promotional material. It's a means of financing the first step into the music industry.

Development Assistance Scheme - developing a single and press kit Production Assistance Scheme - funding the completion of a full EP For the established musician who has already taken the first steps in releasing their own singles and building up a fan base. Criteria such as YouTube subscribers, Facebook fans and amount of records and digital copies already sold, factor heavily in the application process. Pro-active musicians who have an audience of followers and who have done most of the initial leg work themselves are desired candidates for the grant.

Development Assistance Scheme - developing a single and press kit Production Assistance Scheme - funding the completion of a full EP Marketing Assistance Scheme - Promotion If a record is already completed and now promotion is required to showcase via live performances, this grant is a great way to help fund some of the touring. This scheme was designed for musicians who have a completed product and want to reach a larger audience.

Development Assistance Scheme - developing a single and press kit Production Assistance Scheme - funding the completion of a full EP Marketing Assistance Scheme - Promotion Talent Assistance Scheme - Training and Developing new skills A great way for those in production who are required to learn new software packages or develop new skills. As technology is always evolving and software and equipment are expensive, this generous grant is invaluable for freelancers and employees who wish to move further up the ladder in their chosen talent.

Development Assistance Scheme - developing a single and press kit Production Assistance Scheme - funding the completion of a full EP Marketing Assistance Scheme - Promotion Talent Assistance Scheme - Training and Developing new skills The above is an overview of some grants available to you, but by no means is a complete list. The Singaporean Government is committed to furthering the arts and has many schemes in place to help their national talent.

Craft and Business

Craft and Business

As with any industry, there are always two main elements to consider in the music industry; the craft and the business itself. There appears to be more of a divide between the two in the music business, as both elements require two completely different skill sets. But without craft there is no business, and without business there is no life line for the craft to emerge.

Many performing arts schools are dedicated to the first element; building the craft. They nurture, educate and bring out the very best in each of their pupils. After many years of training and honing those new skills, it is often a shock to the new graduate how things work outside the safety bubble of their educational establishment. The schools are dealing extremely efficiently with building the craft, because without skill there isn't a product to push forward. It all comes down to primitive buying and selling, just like in any market place. But there is a great opportunity to also introduce extensive training on the business side of the industry and how graduates can turn their skills into a profitable means of earning a living.

Many training institutes are slowly building business courses into their creative programmes with very admirable efforts. With previous generations of musicians, business was something that was handled by someone else, like an agent or manager or record label. The musician would only have to worry about making the best possible product to sell and keeping their skills sharp.

This is no longer the case nowadays as record labels and management companies are more cautious about investing in talent without a guaranteed return of investment. This means that the talent has to prove themselves in the industry on their own initially, by getting a large following, releasing their own records amounting to notable sales or by showing entrepreneurial skills in some other way. They want to take on a product that has been tried, tested and has audience acceptance before they then invest a large amount and take the act national or international.

Singapore's musicians have the opportunity, now more than ever, to build up their own fan base and release their own records. With the already established music scene and the welcoming attitude from the industry toward pro-active talent, business skills have become just as important as the craft itself.

Culturally Speaking

Culturally Speaking

Singapore has a wonderful culture and history surrounding it, and attracts people from all walks of life. It's accommodating, welcoming and promises an experience like no other. Here are some key facts you may find interesting about this one of a kind country:

1. The name Singapore comes from the Sanskrit words ‘simha' (lion) and ‘pura' (city). This name was given to the region by a young prince who spotted a Lion, which he had never seen before, and subsequently named it Singapura.

2. The country has a very diverse population and its principle inhabitants comprise mainly of Chinese, Malay and Indian heritages. There is a percentage allocated to expatriates who migrate from all over the world to work in its thriving economy.

3. Most people in Singapore speak more than one language and English is usually one of them. A lot of the country's media and content are published in multiple languages to accommodate most visitors and residents. Mandarin is the predominant Chinese language spoken throughout the nation.

4. With a land mass of around 700 square kilometers it is one of the smallest countries in the world, but also has one of the highest concentration of restaurants and entertainment hotspots. Best things do come in small packages.

5. With one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world, there is no need to rent a car or spend a fortune on taxis. The trains (MRT and LRT) are frequent, clean and safe.

6. There are laws against chewing gum, spitting and littering and as a result, is one of the cleanest cities in the world. If all other cities followed suit the world would be a much cleaner place!

7. Singapore has its own cocktail called the Singapore Sling which has been around for over a century. It's refreshing in the tropical climate and is still enjoyed by the locals as a nationally treasured taste.

Yours Truly, Singapore

Yours Truly, Singapore

Dearest Visitor,

There is nothing more satisfying to me than people enjoying their time here and I have worked tirelessly to provide fun, adventure, relaxation and opportunities for different experiences in my culture. The people here are full of life and spirit and will make your visit one to remember.

For the Adventure Seeker; Sentosa Island is my playground and is host to lots of family fun. Universal Studios, water activities, the Lake of Dreams, spectacular beaches, nature parks, wildlife and traveling to a different world with CineBlast are a few of the surprises I have waiting for you.

For the Creative Spirit; We are extremely proud to host one of the only two Red Dot Design Museums in the world. We have collected works of some of the world's greatest designers and housed it all under one roof. Come and see the future of design and even create a few masterpieces yourself with workshops in creativity and art. Our wonderful gift shop allows you to take a piece of the museum home with you.

For the Shopping Enthusiast; Enjoy tax free splurges in some of the finest shopping locations in the world. My beautiful Orchard Road is an experience in itself made even richer when you find exquisite items to your taste. My malls are luxurious, plentiful and cater for all.

For those in need of Relaxation; I have many spas which provide massages, therapeutic beauty treatments and of course insist on pampering you whilst you are in their care. A beautiful walk through one of my nature parks is an ideal way to relax and just enjoy life. One of my islands Pulau Ubin is an ideal way to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of my city life and enjoy a simpler time.

For the photographic opportunist; My Singapore Flyer is a wonderful place to see what I have to offer as far as the eyes can see. I share my horizon with Indonesia and Malaysia. You can indulge in panoramic views and see my landmarks from a different angle to the norm.

For the Food Lover; The dining experience in Singapore needs no introduction as there are a wealth of restaurants, delis, eateries and cafes to accommodate any pallet and budget. My Hawker Centres are a great place to start for plentiful, authentic cuisine and delicacies for the daring.

With all of this and more I can't wait to welcome you. Yours Truly, Singapore