Singapores fabulous sealife

Singapores fabulous sealife

Resorts World Sentosa is one of the jewels in the crown of Singapore's many fantastic tourist attractions. As well as offering unforgettable glimpses of marine life up close and personal, the resort offers terrific dining opportunities and the chance to browse through excellent retail outlets, as well as world class attractions. On top of all that, there is a luxurious hotel and spa facilities.

Marine Life Park

This is the world's largest aquarium, an undersea world that is teaming with literally tens of thousands of marine creatures. Over 800 species are included, spanning some 49 undewater habitats. The oceanarium is home to massive goliath groupers and ferocious-looking hammerhead sharks, as well as numerous smaller fish.

One particular highpoint of the park experience is an opportunity to interact with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. As well as being a wildlife park, this venue specializes in a range of research programs. So as well as marveling at the sight of these magnificent marine mammals, you can find out all about them, learning about the steps that are being taken to conserve them so that they can be enjoyed by future generations of visitors to Singapore.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Singapore's development has been heavily influenced by its location on the South China Sea. This has always placed it at a key point at the apex of the biggest trading routes that have criss-crossed this part of the globe over the centuries. The Maritime Experiential Museum is highly innovative, and has built a fantastic reputation for its blend of informative exhibits and entertaining displays, many of which are fully interactive and offer a multi-sensorial experience. This is Asia's only museum that is completely dedicated to uncovering the continent's rich maritime heritage. Your trip into the past commences with a journey to the centuries-old maritime silk routes. Here history is faithfully brought to life with exhibitions that recreate the sights and sounds that would have been experienced by traders in the thriving bazaars and seaports.

As well as the chance to view artifacts from shipwrecks and other archaeological sites, such as the Bakau wreck and the Temasek dig, you will be able to view life-sized replicas of trade ships. Your educational experience concludes with an unforgettable white-knuckle ride, as you clamber aboard a virtual ship and experience the full wrath of a South China Seas typhoon. The 360-degree multimedia theatre will certainly give you a sailor's eye view of marine perils!

After you have experienced this perfect blend of education and thrills, you'll be ready to head for any of the resort's first-class cafes and restaurants for some well-earned refreshments.

Singapores world-renowned Raffles hotel

Singapores world-renowned Raffles hotel

Raffles has earned its place in the hearts of holidaymakers and commercial travelers the world over after years of dedicated service: 125 to be precise. At the heart of a bustling Asian metropolis, this hotel has traditionally been seen as a reliable and comfortable oasis. Undoubtedly elegant in ambience, Raffles boasts generously proportioned accommodation, with a sense of calm and space pervading. Its eyecatching layout consists of generously designed courtyards, overlooked by sumptuous architecture. Within its main building there are presidential and grand hotel suites.

Its courtyard suites are located close to the lush flora within the hotel. Inside the many guest rooms, the first thing that visitors take note of is the immense space. Standing at 14 feet tall, the ceilings provide excellent ventilation, while also retaining heat when temperatures dip during Singapore's night-time. There are dressing areas and ensuite bathrooms, while the décor includes period furnishings such as teak flooring and eye-catching Oriental rugs. Raffles offers a 24 hour butler service and daily newspaper delivery, with each room containing two remote-controlled colour TV sets.

As well as offering the best accommodation Singapore has to offer, Raffles is also constantly in demand as the perfect backdrop for event management. This can be for a variety of reasons, from board meetings or gala dinners to business conferences and seminars. Within each of the function rooms there is ample accommodation for delegates, including comfortable cushioned chairs, and the latest audiovisual equipment. The internet connections are guaranteed high-speed, while the less technologically-advanced facilities include ample paper and marker pens!

Raffles famous Ballroom is the ideal venue for parties of any kind, from corporate events to wedding receptions. The architecture is superb, incorporating arched openings and French doors. The ambulance is completed with wall-to-wall carpets, landscape murals and dazzling chandeliers.

Another fabulous function area is the Lawn. Located at the heart of the hotel, this boasts a large fountain and exudes a Far Eastern atmosphere. It is a perfect fusion of colonial austerity and Singapore's backdrop of lush plants and gorgeously-bright flowers.

This Singapore hotel's reputation for business excellence extends across the world, and Raffles employs a dedicated team of events planners with experience of liaising with events organisers from Australia to the United Arab Emirates.

Fun-filled days at Singapore Zoo

Fun-filled days at Singapore Zoo

Formerly known as Singapore Zoological Gardens, but more widely referred to as either Singapore Zoo (or locally Mandai Zoo) this is one place you should definitely aim to touch down during any visit to Singapore.

Scrawled across 28 hectares by the Upper Seletar Reservoir, the zoo benefits from its proximity to Singapore's rainforest zone. There is an amazing variety of flora and fauna on display, and amongst the notable exhibits are Asian elephants, White Tigers, Orang Utans, and Hamadryas Baboons. You will find something to please all of the family, with a Critters Longhouse showcasing all manner of creatures, Cat Country devoted to friendly wild felines, a Reptile Garden, a Primate Kingdom and an area dedicated to animals from the Australian Outback.

The zoo is located at Mandai Lake Road, and is open 365 days per year from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, with the last ticket sale at 5:30. For the youngsters, Rainforest Kidzworld is open from 9:00 till 6:00, and its wet play area closing at 5:30.

Admission to this superb location is very reasonable, with special discounted rates for senior citizens. There are many guest services on offer (on a first-come, first-served basis). Hire strollers are available for toddlers and infants, and free wheelchairs await special needs visitors at the entrance. Another popular choice for families with toddlers are the zoo's wagons, which can be hired as a way of preventing your little animal lovers from getting too tired. The zoo also provides official guided tours, where five dollars will grant you unlimited access to tram rides (three dollars for kids).

The zoo's location is perfect for regular boat rides around its perimeter. This relaxed mode of transport enables you to get unforgettable views of the fabulous diversity of creatures. Traveling around you'll see rhinos and antelopes, zebras and giraffes, next to tropical crops and a beautiful orchid garden. After the trip you could drop into any of the land-based entertainment areas, such as the wild animal carousel, or the rainforest kidzworld ampitheatre. The resident elephants will keep the entire family amused at the ‘at work and play show'.

There are always special events organised for Singapore Zoo, including celebrations aimed at promoting the zoo's 40th anniversary. Billed as the ‘Zoo Hoo 2013 Wild Wow Birthday', there will definitely be one or two surprises waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting visitors to this highly popular attraction.

Wildlife of Singapore

Wildlife of Singapore

Wildlife of Singapore

Singapore's wildlife is incredibly diverse, exotic and beautiful, though it took government intervention to ensure it remained so. The rapid urbanisation and growth in population of the last two centuries has threatened to curb the flora and fauna, with deforestation robbing many animals of their natural habitat. This was reflected in the nearly 100 species of bird and 20 species of fish that have gone locally extinct in the last 183 years. Yet the government have made great strides, mainly through actions like the Green Plans of 1992 and 2012, to ensure the island's diverse animal life can live and multiply. These initiatives mainly involved keeping tabs on changes in the flora and fauna levels, while placing new nature parks and reserves around the state.

This has allowed the following handsome creatures to thrive in Singapore:

Long Tailed Macaque Monkey: If you head to one of the nature reserves expect to see plenty of furry little Macaque monkeys. They have no fear of humans and so are very friendly but sometimes too friendly for the locals, who complain they sometimes enter houses to raid food.

Sunda Pangolin: This tough skinned little creature loves to climb trees, gorges ants and secretes an awful stink in self-defence.

Lesser Mousedeer: A true forest mammal, this gorgeous creature is, unfortunately, at risk of extinction. It's brilliantly clever, often following around careless-eating monkeys to find the bushes and vegetation on which it feeds without needing to search too hard.

Common Tree Shrew: This small little rodent-like mammal is only found in Southeast Asia. They are great climbers but should not be confused with squirrels, though they do resemble them closely.

Asian Toad: The most common amphibian in Singapore, the Asian Toad's tadpoles can be found in just about every drain in the city. Don't get too close if you see one though – its secretions can be poisonous.