Singaporean Souvenir Guide

Singaporean Souvenir Guide

Shopping in Singapore, in the last minute is an unimaginable situation for the visitors. Last minute shopping in the busy centers like Souvenir shopping is really a tedious chore for the visitors. Some of the Singaporeans are turning their backyard for creative designing and some entrepreneurs are producing the new breed which is uniquely that are of Singapore. The Singapore's Souvenir Guide gives the list of the things which are really amazing.

Gallery At A Glance

‘The Guardian', British newspaper opened the reading gallery, this is the best museum stores in the world. People those who like to read the books can have a nice time at this center. The books are available for all ages, according to their taste. The National Gallery, which is of 8,800 square- foot, has a partnership with the Foreign Policy Design Group, which includes the industry heavyweight. The building architecture which covers two city's historical buildings, at inception these buildings were occupied by the ‘Supreme Count' and ‘The City Hall', were now accommodated by the ‘Olivia Lee stationery' and ‘Supermama', a soft toy center. There is also a refreshment area in the building where one can refresh by having the cupcakes, which has a title of best seller of cakes.


The owner of the Supermama has an idea to collect and curate the historical craft objects. This idea was broken out by the owner when he and his partner were out from their jobs. This happened four years back, now the business is strengthening day by day. Today Supermama is known for its creativity and tranquility in the art museum. Now the Supermama has collaborated with more than 100 creative industries and highlighting the city's culture. All the products are designed with utmost love and patriotism. The owner says that,in the beginning, it was unknown for them to brand the products, he worried. He also expressed that today they are able to support the new market trends and creating a place in the innovative market. To be fact now the store is selling the handpick items throughout the world. So this four year old shop raised its business globally. In the beginning of the year 2016, the Supermama opened a new branch in the Beach Road.

In Good Company (IGC)

This is the iconic Asian fashion tailoring company for the women. ‘In Good Company" opened a new flagship store in the complex of ION Orchard. Along with the flagship store there is a café and a boutique store having a partnership with Plain vanilla. The designers in the, In Good Company described that they are the makers of the sensible clothing for the women in Singapore. These designers are different with other brands around the globe by creating the capsule collections, which is suitable for the Southeast climatic conditions. The specialty of the store is that the customers will surprise when they see the IGC's home created products. The products include cloths which are designed by the locals having the fashion of the experts and the selection of the poems and the novels, and many other products, where all the local brands have acquired significance that we admire.

Books Actually

‘Books actually' is a bookstore where everyone can have a read in the home. The main attraction of the store is that the founder indicates that this is the retail shop which focuses on the Literature. The two partners have a good following of the book warms and they successfully completed a decade in this field. The best thing that was committed by the partners is they picked up the hidden gem writers from the local community and to gain more attraction and attention of the public. They also publish quarterly journal. Price tags were pasted on the covers of the books, so the readers return the books at their convenience. Inside the shop there is a craft center also the visitors can visit and enjoy.

SPUR Hauswerks and PACT

This is a multi-category emporium having 7,500 square feet, which is located in Orchard Central shopping center. This emporium is known for the interior designs and kids products. The founders of this emporium are the expert designers and have an interest in the Asian and Singapore designing. (photo from SPUR Hauswerks instagram). Have a Glance at our Gallery and enjoy the awesome designs in the center.

Tiny Tots Visiting Spots

Tiny Tots Visiting Spots

Singapore, the Lion City which is full of awesome attractions is the perfect place to visit with the kids. This is the fabulous place, especially if you want to travel with your kids. In this city you can easily spend a couple of weeks, but still your list of visiting spots continues to the next trip. Hey! Do you want to visit the award winning wild park, start your journey with the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo

The location of the Zoo is very natural and it is designed to be close with the different animal naturalistic habitats. All the animals which are going to be exhibited are divided into 11 zones, each zone requires waiting time to be explored. Kids can enjoy the Arctic inhabitants, which are in the Frozen Tundra regions, in the coolest exhibit zone. Other zones include Reptile Garden, giant tortoises and the most fearsome Komodo dragons. The zoo is the most convenient place to visit with the families. Children are most attracted with the Sea lion, which performs in the Splash or display safari to express their friendship with visitors. Children prefer to dine outside most of the time. So if your children want to dine with the wildlife, then nothing to worry, step in the ‘Ah Meng Restaurant'.

S.E.A. Aquarium

The experience which you never forget in your lifetime is visiting the S.E.A aquarium. It takes you the marine heritage. In this aquarium there are nearly 800 species and 49 different habitats. There are nearly 100,000 creatures in this aquarium, some of them are manta rays, leopard shark etc. You will wander by watching them. The ‘Sentosa' is a marine world with 800 varieties of species in nearly 50 million liters of water. The different creatures are exhibited in 10 different zones with 50 habitats. If you want sleep with the marine creatures, Yes it is possible if you visit the S.E.A aquarium, and experience the sleepover, and feel that you are in the ocean floor.

Jurong Bird Park

The Asia's largest park, which is near to the city center is Jurong Bird Park. The bird watchers can watch nearly 5,000 birds and nearly 400 species in this park. The colorful birds and the waterfall Aviary , makes you to visit again and again to this park. One more offer children can enjoy in this park is the heat of the hunt, and the playground offers the kids to open their wings to play and run with the wild . Children can have the eye witness in the Kings of the Skies show, where the birds of prey can be witnessed by the visitors. Never heard before, this park provides a facility to eat with the parrots. So the dining experiences in this bird park will be a memorable item for everyone throughout their life . Kids have a chance to celebrate their birthday in this park along with the ‘in-flight' entertainment. Kids can chat with the parrots and they show our emotions by laughing, crying and imitating every sounds. Is it not amazing. Don't miss a chance to enjoy, it's time for you to plan a trip.

Children's Garden

Asia's first garden, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, where the energetic kids can burn off some of their energy when they are learning about the nature. These garden is packed with the educational and holiday tours, to educate the children by showing the Magic of Photosynthesis, where children can learn by seeing. The on site café offers kid interested menu. Don't miss to visit this botanical garden to know the natural interesting facts. The known fact is kids like to play in the dirt and sand pits. Let them enjoy for a day.

Universal Studios

Singapore's movie park offers a full packed day for all the visitors. Children like animated based historical collections. So it is always better to plan and visit to the universal studio to watch a historical animated film.

To watch the unimaginable situations in the world, plan a trip to the Singapore to watch them and enjoy the vacation.

Singapore as a Family Holiday Destination

Singapore as a Family Holiday Destination

Singapore has a lot of tourism destination, includes Universal Studios, fun parks, shops, beaches, restaurants, and even casino. Bring children to a holiday destination might be one of the biggest consideration about which place you will visit, where to sleep, what to eat, etc. A lot of family activity and fun will take place if you have a good preparation. Singapore might be one of the best family holiday destination as you can find almost every family thing's to do right here.

Sentosa Island might be a good location to choose since it has a lot of entertainment and facilities integrated on this resort island. This island also connected to the Singapore through a bridge, so you can go to and fro by taxi. The Festive Hotel prepared a family room. The room consist of a queen bed and a single upper bunk bed. The Hotel, especially the room, has a unique and interesting decoration to be admired. For a bigger family, it will be better with addition double room. The payment made to this island also includes Universal Studio tickets, the Adventure Cove Water Park, Underwater World Aquarium, and the family breakfast. The transportation also free to accommodate you to make your own tour on the island, they present monorail and shuttle bus.

Walk along the boardwalk might be a good choice for the starter. Just don't forget the sunscreen. The walk will let you get the sight of the island, and smell the air to freshen you and your family. The boardwalk decorated with colorful ornaments along the way, keep your eyes and your children entertained. They might like to pose and have their photo taken near the boardwalk's ornaments, like a puppy, butterfly, flower, and palm tree.

If you're hungry after the walk, visiting the food court on Malaysian eat street is a good choice. They serve a lot kind of food which everyone can choose their favorite. But if you don't into spicy too much, you may ask the seller whether the dish spicy or not, especially for the kids, because some of it are spicy. You can find beef curry right here, with the rich taste and also spicy, fried noodles with prawns (also the spicy one), or beef noodle soup, which have a thick and rich soup.

Vivo City shopping mall is one of Asia's best place to shop. Technically, it is located in Singapore, but the mall like a gateway connected to the island. There's a biggest Toys ‘R' Us, jewelry shop, book shop, kids clothing, and much more you can find it here. The interesting sight might catch your eyes like Hello Kitty shop with all pinkie stuff, and retro-style retail shop. There's also a lot of kind of food, from the cheapest until the expensive one to choose. Watching the traditional making of noodles also interesting, one of the food stalls let people passing by to watch the process. The chef seems so skillful, pull and stretch the batter over and over until formed noodles. One day at the mall might not enough to explore, but don't get too exhausted and be prepared for the next destination. The island lighting at night is really something to see, the amazing view you'll see resemble one of the firework watching moment.

Kranji Home Of Patchwork

Kranji Home Of Patchwork

The Kranji, the suburb in the northwestern of the Singapore , which has its significance for its patchwork. This suburb is specialized in doing patchwork from orchids to frogs and crocodiles. Kranji is ready to cover it. As the suburb is far away from the city and fixed their location to the corner of the city and all the farms are half covered by the forests, Kranji's work look like the work of professionals, but they practiced it as their hobby, and many are successfully practicing it as their occupation. To see the work of the Kranji, Jurong Frog Farm is the best example.

All the buildings are constructed with concrete along with a farm shop and refreshment centre. The walls are covered with the cartoon pictures of frogs and tadpoles. In the background all the washing machines making sounds of croaking frogs when trying to spin. The ‘frogologist', who is the daughter of the founder of the farm worked in the oil and gas company, started his own farm in the year 1970, when the government closed the Singapore's pig farm. At inception, he supplied all the frogs required by the local markets. But now it is totally different, there are nearly 13 employees working in the farm and it is home for 20,000 frogs . The latest improvement in the farm is it is supplying fusion, where the restaurants are experimenting this fusion in tapas in dishes like starters. This frog farm is not like other farms supplying frogs just for the meat's sake, the farm is entertaining the families and visitors to hold the American Bullfrogs according to their need. Some people with more enthusiasm and energy, they themselves trying to catch the large beasts jumping into the water with rubber boots and spending time and energy for more than a half an hour with the frogs.

Hotel for fish

One can buy a ‘Koi fish' ranging from $700 to 800, and can leave at the farm when they were on vacation. This also helps for the people who brings the frog before digging the ponds in the backyard. The managing director of the farm expressed his opinion that instead of buying the Koi fish for prices and leaving them to be cared by the experts, why don't you buy a small Koi fish , leave them in the pond and watch the growth and can take back at your requirement. This is the idealistic idea behind the maintaining the farm. The managing director also stated that even the fish which sells for more than $50,000 may not grow like a giant to your expectations. The prices of the fish are growing stronger and stronger and now some of the Koi Farm exports fish to various regions and for the new markets and also to the neighboring countries like Myanmar, Combodia etc. To your need Koi is not expensive and very cheap and it is in your range and usually tempts the visitors.

Best Options In Kranji

The visitors can enjoy many eating options in Kranji. The Kranji farm offers quarterly markets and where one can munch the locally available morsels. The visitors can have some more highlights other than the farms. The race course is very near to the Kranji MRT station, which opens on Weekends. Along with the race course, there is a muddy beach, which was well known to the Japanese , when their landing took place in the year 1942. Wow! Near the farm there is a wetland reserve, where one can watch the migrating birds and mangroves on the banks of the small lakes and walkyways. Kranji is the best place, don't miss it, just enjoy it.