Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore

When you visit the majestic, beautiful island paradise of Singapore, you have simply no excuse for being bored. Though the first things most visitors do on arrival is hit the designer shops and wolf down some top notch food, there is plenty more on offer.

1. Botanic Gardens

Located on Cluny Road, this oasis of green calm is where the locals go to exercise, wind down and soak in the natural beauty after a long, hard day. Over 1,000 species of orchid can be seen in the beautifully tended flower beds, while the nearby food court serves some of the best soft boiled eggs you'll ever eat.

2. Haji Lane

In the middle of Singapore's bustling Muslim quarter is Haji Lane, a laneway so small you could easily walk past it without noticing. Yet down this narrow walkway lies an Aladdin's cave for those who love to shop. Stores like Know It Nothing, Pluck and Salad have made this the hip place for in-the-know Singaporean fashion fiends to spend their bucks on haute couture wares.

3. The Singapore Flyer

If you want to see Singapore, and we mean see it, then the 165 meter high Singapore Flyer is the place for you. At $29.50 a ride, a seat on the Flyer may be expensive but there are few places in the city that boast a better view. Try to get there as the sun goes down and the lights come on in the downtown skyscrapers – absolutely breathtaking.

Hit the Singapore night spots

Hit the Singapore night spots

Hit the Singapore night spots

Singapore is renowned as one of southeast Asia's hippest and hottest places for nightlife. Here are a small selection of the places to be for bar hoppers, clubbers and hedonists. Plus, we'll give you a little bit of good advice for how to act when out on the razz in Singapore.


Located further away from downtown than you might expect for such a famous night spot, Zouk can be found pulsing away on Jiak Kim Street. What keeps it so popular, despite its out-there location, is that, quite simply, it rocks. House music is generally the order of the day, with world renowned DJs banging out hot and heavy sets on a nightly basis. Those with a broader taste might like to come on a Wednesday, when the club goes retro with an upbeat mix of pop from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Any serious clubber who visits southeast Asia simply has to put their head in at Zouk.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is, and always has been, the centre for Singapore's throbbing nightlife. Whether you want to have a quiet drink, share a romantic meal or dance the night away, you will find what you need here, all on the banks of the beautiful Singapore River.

Club Street

Though it originally got its name from the proliferation of private, Chinese clubs that would pepper the area, Club Street now has a much more modern, multicultural vibe. Lots of pub and bars aimed at ex-pats can be found around here, plus it's also one of the best places to go for gay nightlife – just look for the rainbow flag.

A note on Singaporean nightlife

Singapore is a bustling, thriving free market state and, therefore, the people like to kick up their heels and enjoy themselves at night. That does not mean, however, the kind of drunken behaviour accepted on the streets of London will be tolerated over here. Please bear in mind, strict rules apply forbidding the use of racially insensitive language (including the lyrics to certain football songs), smoking and spitting in public. So, while we encourage you to enjoy yourself we also urge you not to forget where you are!

Great Singapore restaurants

Great Singapore restaurants

Great Singapore restaurants

Though it is impossible to measure such things, Singapore may well be the country with the most world class restaurants per capita on the planet. If you are planning to travel to Singapore make sure to bring an empty stomach, as there is an incredible multicultural platter of gourmet goods on offer.

Here are a few must-visit restaurants for the foody in Singapore.

Nasi Padang River Valley

This is one of the best places to get some traditional Malay grub on the island. The price is high but that is a reflection of the quality in store for any diner willing to pay it. While you might be able to get similar fare elsewhere for cheaper the quality will not be anywhere near the same. For the traveller looking for authentic Malay eats, this place is essential.

Address: 55 Zion Road


Those really in the mood to splash the cash should check out this funky, innovative eatery. The menu and interior both scream of the wild creativity of chef Andrew Walsh. Esquina serves tapas but, with items like wobbly roasted smoky bone marrow, spicy squid ink calamari and black olive ice cream, it's tapas as you are unlikely to have experienced it before.

Roxy Laksa

If you are in the mood for something special but don't feel like splashing the cash, this great little restaurant offers quite the bargain. The Prawn Iaska is the menu highlight: a creamy, coconut milk broth, it houses a treasure trove of authentic, hearty umani goodness. Unmissable.

Address: 1000 East Coast Parkway

Pete's Place

In the mood for some comfort food? Then head over to the elegant, welcoming Pete's Place where delicious wood-fired pizza, rich clam linguini and a terrific wine list will put a very big smile on your face.

Address: 10 Scotts Road Basement

Great Singapore festivals

Great Singapore festivals

Great Singapore festivals

As well as some of the best shopping in Asia, a host of world class eateries and one of the most peaceful societies on the planet, Singapore has plenty of great annual events to tempt the traveller. So, if you are planning a visit to the magnificent island state, be sure to check the calendar and see what festivals, sports events or holidays will be on at the time. Here are some our favourite Singapore bashes.

Chinese New Year

The biggest event on the calendar is, undoubtedly, Chinese New Year when the island kicks up its heels in spectacular style. Beginning at the start of the first month on the Chinese calendar and running for over two weeks, this richly colourful celebration takes place during January and February of our calendar. Though it's celebrated across the city, Chinatown is the main hub of activity, where, beneath the glow of thousands of hanging red lanterns, the streets come to life with dance, music, food and fireworks.

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Racing at the Bedok Reservoir is one of the best fun-for-all-the-family days out you can have in Singapore. During the festival, boat crews of 22 people come to compete in the sweltering heat for one of the biggest prizes in the sport. Between the hectic, breath taking races, you'll see a range of rituals and rites performed, reflecting the historical significance of this ancient sport to the island's Chinese population. Even if you are not a sports fanatic, when the drum beats start and the rowers dig their oars into the water, you will find it impossible not to get caught up in the sheer, unbridled passion of the whole thing.

World Gourmet Summit

The Singaporeans' relationship with food is really more of an obsession than a mere love and that's why their numerous food festivals are such a joy to attend. The World Gourmet Summit is probably the most opulent of all, however, bringing together haute cuisine from every corner of the planet, with events held in all the city's top restaurants. Expect celebrity chefs, in-depth workshops, incredible wine tasting sessions and course after course of superb food.