The Perfect Gateway

The Perfect Gateway

The Perfect Gateway

There is a reason why Changi has been awarded the title of ‘Best Airport in the World'. The facilities and services mirror those of a luxury resort and the game of waiting is turned into a pleasurable experience.

The Basics; The Sky trains will get you around the three terminal airport and there is usually an under 5 minute wait to make the short journey between terminals. The trains operate between 5:00am and 2:30am and a shuttle bus substitutes when the trains are not in operation.

There is free Wi-Fi for all the internet enthusiasts and business travellers looking to continue their work between flights. You can use your own equipment or use one of the many internet stations dotted throughout the lounges.

With over 300 retail stores, last minute gifts, holiday essentials, tax free indulgences and designer labels are all under one roof waiting to be explored (and purchased).

The powder rooms come with a seating area and ‘dressing' tables where you can freshen up and get ready for the next phase of your vacation. If you would like to take freshening up a step further, there are hair and beauty services where you can try out a new look or enjoy any of your favourite beauty treatments.

There are also baby care rooms where mothers can tend to the needs of their young children in peace and privacy. Equipped with the usual baby changing facilities and hot water dispensers.

There is also a smoking area for those who require it.

The Experiences; If you are lucky enough to have a 5 hour overlay between flights then you have the option of enjoying a complimentary two hour tour around Singapore. Depending on the time of your transit you can take a Heritage tour (between 9am - 6pm) or a City Lights Tour (between 6:30pm - 8:30pm). What a perfect way to stop and say hello to the city as you're passing through.

The airport gardens provide the means to stretch your legs before or after a flight. There are 5 differently themed gardens to be explored; Cactus, Sunflower, Orchid, Fern and Butterfly and a couple of Koi ponds for your browsing.

The fitness enthusiast will be relieved to discover the health and gym suite and swimming pool available to use. After a gruelling workout, a spa visit or massage might just be the cherry on top before a relaxing flight out of Singapore.

Because the terminals are available to both arrivals and departures Changi is the ideal start or end to your vacation and is the perfect gateway to Singapore.

Oasis of Calm

Oasis of Calm

An Oasis of Calm in a Bustling City

The exquisite decor of natural beauty provides the ideal place to relax, find inspiration, escape from the fast paced city life and take a quiet moment for yourself. There is no place more exquisite or more inspirational than Gardens by the Bay.

Sitting majestically over 100 hectares, the gardens resemble a futuristic tropical paradise situated in the heart of urban sophistication. The expertly crafted design most certainly represents the future as the gardens prioritise environmental sustainability and seek opportunities to recycle wherever possible. Beauty and brains. Strategies are constantly being renewed out of consideration for the environment.

The main attractions of the gardens include:

Supertrees - The 16 storey high constructional masterpieces are dotted throughout the park and there is a Supertree Grove where 12 stand tall and proud together. What's interesting about these trees is that aside from being visually astounding they are fully functional; some have photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy and others serve as a discreet ‘exhaust' system for the cooling conservatories. The plant life growing vertically on the trees have been carefully selected for easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing reasons.

Cloud Forest - The beautiful dome houses a spectacular 35m man-made mountain with heavily foliaged walls and the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Transportation to the top of the mountain is by lift and two walkways will allow for a leisurely walk back down again.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes; Like the Supertrees, the lakes are not only a thing of beauty but are rich with plant and aquatic life which have been carefully brought together to act as an eco-filter for the water. The boardwalk is an ideal spot to lap up the views of the city.

Dining: Walking around and taking in much of the scenery can build up an appetite, so any of the 8+ eateries will reward you with some much needed rest and food. The two main fine-dining restaurants are Pollen and The Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, which are run by world-renowned chefs and boast their own signature dishes. There are various cafes and bars dotted throughout the Gardens to offer you refreshments as you peruse the sights. Please bear in mind that certain sights have a strict no food or drink policy. Be vigilant for signs indicating designated areas.

Gardens by the Bay is accessible by private and public transport. The closest station is Bayfront (MRT) and there are a variety of car parks close by.

Night Safari

Night Safari

Night Safari

The title pretty much says it all! A wonderful opportunity to visit over 2500 species of nocturnal animals in their naturalistic habitats. There are trails to be experienced by tram and by foot allowing you some variation in your visit. Both are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, which can be provided upon your arrival if you do not wish to bring your own.

By Tram: The Tram Safari is a wonderful way to get started with exploring the animal kingdom accompanied by a guide who can offer knowledgeable information and answer any questions. During your 45 minute tram ride you will venture through differently themed locations which have been carefully constructed to resemble the natural habitat of its residents. Animals to look out for along this journey include: mark hors, striped hyenas, sloth bears, zebras, giraffes, hippos, malayan tigers, bull elephants and rhinoceros to name a few. There are many more who make an appearance.

If you would like to experience the Tram Safari exclusively with a small group of friends and family, there are also private tour packages available to choose from.

By Foot: You can also opt for the Walking Trails, where at your own pace you can gaze at the rare animals getting on with their lives in their habitats. The fishing cat is a popular attraction as he can been seen gracefully prancing around his lake looking for fish. The Walking Trails are all fronted by glass so there's no danger of becoming a tasty snack to one of the leopards!

By Foot: The experience comes highly recommended and is a great activity for the whole family to do together. If you wish to get the most out of the Night Safari it would be helpful to set aside about 5 hours of your evening for the adventure because there is a lot to see and do. When you are done exploring the species from different continents, why not pick up a stunning souvenir from the Gift shop on your way out?

The Height of Luxury

The Height of Luxury

The Height of Luxury

The Singapore Flyer currently stands as the largest observation wheel in the world and is taller than a 40 storey sky scraper.

There is a spiritual beauty in the design of the wheel - there are 28 capsules designed to carry 28 passengers each. The number 28 scientifically means to double prosperity, and therefore has good karma, or feng shui. As a result, the Flyer is jokingly nicknamed the Wheel of Fortune.

Fortunate indeed those are who have the opportunity to take flight on the wheel as from the top you are treated to a view which spans for 45 kilometres. The horizon is shared with Malaysia and Indonesia. Each flight lasts for just over 30 minutes, and gives plenty of time for much picture taking!

In addition to taking to the skies, your Singapore Flyer ticket will also permit you to step into the Journey of Dreams. There is vast history surrounding the Flyer and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn how the wheel was built, the initial concepts and the vision of the country's forefathers in constructing such a monument.

If you would like to experience a single rotation in lavish luxury you can opt to have a Moet and Chandon Champagne Flight which will provide an elegant flute of champagne for your consumption as you take in the exclusive view. If you really want to take to the skies in style then you can hire an entire capsule for up to 22 guests where there will be a flow of champagne, personal bartenders, free access to the Flyer Lounge and much more.

Whichever your preference of experiencing its magic, the Singapore Flyer is a must do.