Singapore’s Playgound

Singapore’s Playgound

Singapore's Playgound

What was once an abandoned military fort has come alive as Singapore's playground, and what a playground it is!

The wonderful island that is Sentosa Island attracts thousands of people every weekend and especially public holidays, so it's wise to plan ahead to ensure the maximum amount of fun for the whole family. Tickets can be booked in advance for the attractions or on site if you just fancy going with the flow. Because of the many attractions it offers, you may want to dedicate a whole weekend to the island so that you don't have to rush any of the magnificent sights or tire yourself and your family out too quickly.

Sentosa's attractions fall into four locations;

Imbiah Lookout - Great to keep the family entertained and educated about Singapore's history and wildlife. Proud host of the Merlion, Butterfly and Insect Park, Singapore Cable Car, Tiger Sky Tower, MegaZip Adventure Park and much more.

Beaches - For the beach and water loving adrenaline junkie! This location caters to those who are looking to surf, fly on a trapeze, indoor skydive, go kart around trails and whatever else your body can handle! After all of the action packed experiences there are tranquil beaches to unwind on or you can take a stroll down to Singapore's southern most viewing point.

Siloso Point - For the history buff and hands on action adventure seekers. It's a great way to actively explore Singapore's largest collection of WWII memorabilia. A touching journey to reminisce the nation's history and a great educational resource.

Resorts World Sentosa - This is the Entertainment hotspot of the island where Universal Studios, the Lake of Dreams and the Festive Walk are but a few of the main features. The biggest pop stars in the world frequently flock to the newly opened Pantages Hollywood Theatre to perform. Live music, food and shows are plentiful here.

All of the attractions are easily connected and accessible for everyone, so you can visit more than one location in a day. Sentosa is alive with hotels and Spas dotted frequently throughout so if adventure is not for you, there are options for a relaxing experience instead.

An Experience

An Experience

An Experience You Can't Buy

Singapore's shopping rivals that of London, New York, Dubai and Tokyo. There is variety to suit all personalities and budgets and the experience is a gift to yourself.

If you would like to browse modern stores all under one roof Singapore has over 70 shopping malls dotted throughout the country. The following are very popular and come highly recommended by frequent shoppers: Burgis Junction, ION Orchard, JCUBE, Marina Bay Sands, Raffles City, The Star Vista and West Mall.

If you like designer boutiques and want to visit the high end of luxury retail, these are a must: Orchard Road, Knightsbridge, Takashimaya.

If you like exotic food and would like to shop for delicacies or visit Hawkers' Markets start here: Little India Arcade, Maxwell road, Newton Circus, Smith Street, Chomp Chomp or Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Tax Returns: If you spend over S$100 you are entitled to a 7% Tax rebate if you leave Singapore by air. There are multiple ways to claim back, the easiest being the eTRS self-service kiosks at the airport. It's a good idea to ask each retailer for an eTRS token with each purchase so that you can collect them as you go along and present them to an attendant at the airport before departure.

A few things to bear in mind: Europe and America are pretty flexible on returns and most places offer buyer's remorse, however in Singapore most transactions are considered to be final and very strict policies are in place. Before you purchase anything make sure you are happy with the price and the product itself. Ensure everything is working and all the expected parts are in the box. Retailers are happy for you to check thoroughly at the time of purchase because more than likely there will not be an opportunity for an exchange later on. Be sure to educate yourself on what their particular policy is and ask questions regarding warranty coverage, refunds and exchange policies.

Red Dot Design

Red Dot Design

The Red Dot Design Museum

Inspiration comes in many packages and perhaps the most interesting package of them all is the Singapore Red Dot Design Museum. Located just a short walk from away Tanjong Pagar train station, the museum is one of the only two Red Dot museums in the world and is an experience not to be missed.

The exhibitors inside the museum are all winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the collection of innovative ideas under one roof truly represents the future of design. Past winners of ‘Design Team of the Year' include Apple, LG, Adidas, Tupperware and Audi.

A trip to the museum is a wonderful family activity. As well as the main building there is an entire community of intricate designers woven into a Design Journey in the area surrounding the museum. There are full day and half day variations that take you through Candy Design, Street Packaging Design, Product Design, Communication Design, Designing the Future and Design for the Departed just to name a few.

After soaking up the inspiration of the world's greatest designers, there is a chance to go a bit design MAAD yourself! MAAD is an ambient collection of hands on workshops, classes, exhibitions, refreshments, crafts, stalls and live music, held only one Friday night every month. If your trip coincides with one of these events then it's a unique opportunity to be a part of and not to be missed. It's a chance to treat yourself to a creative workshop or to make some wonderful souvenirs for your loved ones back home. You may discover talents you did not know you had.

The gift shop is a great way to take a little piece of the museum home with you to remember your experience by. From books, to stationery to bags to gadgets to art and everything in between, the Gift Shop has something for everyone and are all little pieces of magic from leading designers. The museum publishes two annual books; ‘Doing' and ‘Living' which follow the current and future trends of product design, and are available to purchase at the gift shop or on online.

This is an extremely inspiring experience and could ignite some creations of your own. Maybe you will be a part of the future of design at the Red Dot Design Museum.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin - Simpler Times

It's not very often that we get to go back in time and visit a community which enjoys living with minimal essentials and in simpler conditions. The small island is an under 10 minute boat ride away from the mainland of Singapore and offers a complete getaway from the fast paced city life.

It's an ideal experience for those who are looking to try something different. On a spiritual note, it's a great opportunity to step out of the hectic everyday routines and see life from a slower, humbler point of view. Hiring a bike is the recommended way to see the island but the hiker in you is always welcome to stretch their legs and opt for a stroll instead.

As an alternative to a day trip, you may want to consider staying for an entire weekend, or even a week, to really take in the tranquility of the un-urbanized island. Renting a beach villa on the Celestial Resort is a wonderful way to spend your days lazing on the shore, exploring rare plant and wildlife or even hiring a kayak and going on your own adventure.

It's ideal for anyone seeking a slower, leisurely paced experience. The main Island of Singapore is bustling with lots to do and lots to see and this is the perfect counterpoint to that. It could also be great for a family outing, with biking and sights being the main attraction.

A photographer would find much inspiration here and has the opportunity to capture photographs of a nature not readily available anywhere else in the world. It's a genuine glimpse into the 1960s in terms of how people live and offers much scenic composition. The occupied kampong houses are still in tact and make wonderful subjects for photographs. Please be considerate and ask permission before you photograph any of the locals.

The island is undergoing a progressive redevelopment and the few local inhabitants that remain are mostly fishermen and farmers. It is slowly but surely becoming a nature park and those fortunate enough to visit it should relish in its humble treasures while they are still available to view.


Bring refreshments with you.

The mosquitos are always hungry so make sure you bring a good repellent with you.

You'll be in the sun all day so bring a hat and sunscreen.

Sudden showers are also quite common so dress in clothes that you don't mind getting wet or muddy.