Five Crazy Activities In Singapore

Five Crazy Activities In Singapore

They say that Singapore is paradise for shopaholics, but that is not all that can be done in this wonderful country. Considering that tourism is the main draw for visitors, there are plenty of interest attractions available. One of these is adventure sports. Adrenaline junkies find their way to Singapore year after year to try out the state of the art facilities created for adventure-based activities. As of now, there are five main activities, which are extremely popular among tourists. They combine the thrill of the journey along with competitive prices and strict security measures.

1) Cable Skiing

One of the more popular activities is an adaptation of skiing on the water while being dragged by a boat. Instead of the boat, there are cables that run across the length of the lake and are attached at the banks. Participants start from the opposite end, where they are pulled forward by the cables and get the same experience as that of the boat.

The Cable Ski Park located in the East Coast Lagoon offers these entertaining rides, where the speeds start from 20 kmph and can go up to 50 kmph. The overall cost of the ride ranges from $38 to $50, depending on the time of the week. If cable skiing is not for you, there's also an option of an Obstacle Course, Knee boarding and Trick skiing.

2) A Wild Adventure

The forests and jungles of Singapore are well known for their beauty and bio-diversity. Other than the sightseeing and safari programs, there is an option of going to the Bedok Reservoir Park for an interesting adventure. Tourists can move across treetops by going on the obstacle course. It has 34 stops, which consist of hanging nets, rotating wooden logs, treetop bridges and moving trapezes. The entire course takes almost three hours to complete and runs at an average of 6 metres above the ground. Families will love the time spent together and the fact that is run by professionals with full emphasis on safety. The cost is $46 for adults and there are packages available for groups, children and yearlong trips.

3) The F1 Experience

If you have always dreamt of being a world-class car racer, then you can make it come true at Singapore. Ultimate Drive is a Singapore based company boasts of two Formula One tracks, both of which are designed as per international standards. The routes crisscross the city, with two start points. Drivers can choose to move from the Singapore Flyer or take the more picturesque Marina Bay Sands route. Once inside the car, there is an option of simply engaging the automatic mode and moving along, taking in the experience of the car. Others may try the gearbox modeled on the F1 cars. One can also be taken on a drive, which promises to be a crazy experience complete with a full video recording of the ride. The rides range between $300 and $800, depending on the package.

4) The Extreme Swing and Reverse Bungee

There are some rides that take more than just a simple boost of confidence to get on. This ride defines the need for courage and it will take a lot of courage to get on. The reverse bungee has the capability of catapulting the ride at the speed of 200 kmph in a cage made of steel. The cage then falls to the ground in a freefall. Just when you think it is over, the process starts again and swings in the opposite direction at high speeds. Found at Clarke Quay, daredevils can fork over $45 for a ride they won't forget for years to come.

5) Skydiving Experience

Skydiving isn't everybody's cup of tea. The flight and the journey to the ground can weaken the knees of some very strong people. However, there is always a chance to try it without having to step outside. Indoor skydiving is quite popular in Singapore. Found at Sentosa, it is created with the help of a wind tunnel which goes up five levels. Tourists can try jumping in and feel the simulation of skydiving without the risks. It costs $109 for a single person and is great fun for groups and families.

Flights for the entire family

Flights for the entire family

Depending on the type of airline a family uses to a destined location, the services offered and treatment to them will depend on the type of the airliner. There are those that will cater for all your services and inquiry with the utmost care, generosity and understanding. These airlines go beyond the expected to ensure the satisfaction of families using such flights.

Whenever annual awards for the best airliner are being organized, the board vested with the powers to verify votes and basis of results submitted to select the best suited airline. The organizers had to conduct a ground check for evidence of all the services offered to families. Amongst factors considered during the award include the entertainment quality and provision, care for families using flights as well as check priorities. The scheduling of airlines, policies to do with pre-seating as well as entertainment onboard their aircraft are some of the factors that have to be ensured for families making flights to any destinations.

One of the winners of the awards, an American airliner emerged unique and outstanding by having counters that are solely dedicated for families, welcome kits for the young children, pictorial drawings and celebrations of birthdays on board. For other flights that were presented, they also had unique features that catered for families but did not overpass the threshold of the winning airliner. The airliners provided zones for the kids to play in the lounges of the airport, provided kids with magazines and helped and made announcement for children with autism.

The period of time a flight takes, as well as the stop overs a plane makes is also a factor to be considered. This is because having children on board can be a bit trying when it comes to saving time in those stop overs. For some airlines, which is becoming a major consideration for other airlines, having movies is highly becoming a trend under very high demand.

For the families travelling with toddlers, a bassinet is a guarantee supply by any airliner and should never be availed on request; it is a mandatory requirement that must be confirmed by the operatives of the airliner. The services offered while on air and the considerate help facilitated by the cabin crew is a major factor of consideration for families.

While flying out or in with the families, it is good to use an all-inclusive service option as you will not be subjected to trouble dealing with children making request for snacks and foods that you had not anticipated for. A full service package is the most suitable for families. There have been previous times when the low cost airliners have had to deal with shortages of food products, drinks as well as malfunction and limited functional entertainment units. This might happen even when arrangements have been for booking prior to the material flight day. It can be a very frustrating flight for families in the event that it happens.

Some of the best airlines provide families with the best services they would ever get, while some have a control over the extent to which they stretch that support to their family clients. It becomes a losing factor when such families mark a certain airliner because of not providing a particular service at a particular time; clients will stop booking flights via that airliner, losing the trust and goodwill from the travelers.

For some flights providing food to children is a major issue that they can't and have not had the chance to do. Ensuring that families sit together during a flight is a priority that some airliners take into much consideration while for some it is not a bother.

Some of the airliners offer families having small kids some strollers to ease movements from one point to another especially when there is a rush for a plain or movement is being curtailed by the presence of many people in an airport. As far as children are concerned, some airliners scores highest while others dwindle to survive that area. All that said, for those who never want to see kids on their sight while flying, there are wings that children are not allowed to occupy, you can consider that.

17th July 2018 the World Airline Awards part of Skytrax Ceremony will be held at The Langham Hotel London.

Singapore Gardens

Singapore Gardens

Singapore is the wealthiest Asian country currently. The success of the country shows in the new and mode infrastructures that are being constructed and these that have already been built. These infrastructures including parks, metro lines and skyscrapers are all infused with the latest in technology, some of which are not introduced to the rest of the world as yet. A perfect spot to experience just how mush Singapore has advanced is the SkyPark (photo) on the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This building consists of three fifty six floor towers that are connected at their tops by a three hundred and forty meters long platform. You get a great view from the infinity pool on just how much the country has grown. Almost half of what you will see are new constructs that were erected within the last five year. There are still signs of growth as there are still construction cranes at location where construction is already taking place or should take place in the coming years.

The Marina Bay also known as the Marina Reservoir was transformed into a fresh reservoir by using Marine Barrages and this project was completed in the year two thousand and eight. This body of water used to be the saline estuary of the Singapore River and was also the main focus point of the city. The dam is now a popular place for visitors to have picnics or just a nice stroll around the area. Visitors won't have the need to worry as the barrage was designed to prevent the flooding of the low-lying areas.

The area is design to allow collecting rain water a route to the ocean. The crest gates will open to allow the rain water to run out to sea. This was a needed device as it is very common in the country of Singapore to have very heavy rain fall. The crest gates really regulate the flow of water. During high tide the dam is kept close to keep out the rising sea tides and during heavy rains at low tide the dam opens its gates to allow the excess water to run off. Giant pumps are installed to extract the excess water out the reservoir if necessary. The construction of the reservoir is a construction that might soon be adapted by other countries that flood from the rising sea levels and the ones that suffer from water shortages due to the change in world climate. If the entire tech displayed at this reservoir is not adapted you can be sure that a large amount of it is.

The reservoir serves not only as a cistern for water but it serves to reflect the Central Business District's skyscrapers. Approximately one square kilometers of land located to the west of the bay is being transformed into a project called the Gardens by the Bay. This project will include a set of gardens with a variety of different themes. These themes may include for instance, the Heritage Gardens. This theme incorporates the many plants used by the three main ethnic groups of Singapore. They include Chinese, Indian and Malaysian as well as those used by the British colonies. It was these colonialists who transferred the area into the major trading city it now is.

The gardens have twenty five to fifty meters high man-made trees that tower above the garden. They are palm tree shaped metallic structures that serve the same purposes of an actual tree. The structures are covered by vines and plants making them a virtual vertical garden. These are another iconic structure of the gardens. The center piece of the gardens is the largest greenhouse construct in the world. The greenhouse is constructed to be able to provide a climate that is suitable for tropical plans as well as providing the climate those thousand year old olives trees can survive in.

Reasons to Visit Singapore

Reasons to Visit Singapore

It is quite hard to believe that the National Gallery of Singapore is just relatively new. It started to operate and welcomes the public in November of 2015. It has been the best place to go for those who would like to pay a visit at some of the Arts and history of Southeast Asia and Singaporeans. It took them 10 years and more than $300 Million to make this gallery (in photo) possible. The place now occupies the establishments that have been a haven to the city state Supreme court as well as the City hall. In this place, there is also a cultural center that highlights some of the best regional art and has kept the past of Singapore. There are 7 points why you need to visit this place when you come to Singapore.

This gallery offers a unique benefit in terms of checking the history and culture of Singapore and understanding what and who they are now. The previous court as well as the government structures location is a witness to what Singapore went through before they have reached where they are now. Lord Louis Mountbatten made an announcement in 1945 about the Japanese forces and their retreat. The 2 structures of the establishments were made by a British national in 1920. The old and very classic City Hall, which they call the municipal bldg. in the past has been opened in 1920s and then they open up the Supreme Court just a few years after that. The visitors nowadays will not be able to see the time has captured within the stone foundation of the establishment.

Well, you can make a research about the old Supreme Court using your mobile. It is now made available for Android and Apple users online. That is one of the best and a good alternative as well for people to learn about the history of Singapore without even leaving their homes. The Rotunda library is actually the law library of the past before the Supreme Court Building has established. This occurred after the remodeling and restructuring of the building. There are high columns and even domed roof. There are also bookshelves that were restored to the original look. It has become a part of the Resource Center. It is a trove of archival material that is accessible for public viewing.

Where you able to see the biggest paint in the world? Well, there is one biggest paint in Singapore, it is the artwork of Boschbrand. It was made by an Indonesian painter and it was placed on the wall for some reasons. It is big enough with 396 by 300 cm. It is by far the biggest painting in the said gallery. It has been completed in 1849 and this iconic piece shows some scenes of tigers and beasts trying to fly to escape a jungle inferno. It is located in the gallery of the South East Asia. Being an art fanatic, art collector and enthusiasts, you must come to Singapore to check on the National Gallery.

You will find more than eight thousand modern and conventional Singaporean pieces and Asian works from the nineteenth century to the twentieth centuries. The different collection spans years, movements of the artists and even methods to come up with those pieces. There are also facts that were documented like the Nguyen Van Nhan's Grande Tenue de La cour d' annam which is an album of watercolor paintings with beautiful ceremonial dresses. There are some other highlights that you can find such as the National Language class that has been painted in 1959. It was made by Singaporean artists named Chua Mia Tee.