What Singapore Has in Store for Foodies

What Singapore Has in Store for Foodies

There is a food lover in Singapore that posts trendy and big names of foods and restaurants in the country. This person never stops in seeking for new dishes. He tagged the dishes with good and bad depending on his palate and likeness. He also categorizes the restaurants and diners with affordable rates and those that are costly. A traveler's visit to Singapore will not be complete without tasting some of the finest dishes there. Here's some in his list.

Ember has a sakura ebi pasta that you will surely love. You cannot resist it even in just 1 bite. They have been baking and then they add some flavor and they braised the lobster head oils, before they take it to umami in an extreme manner. You will not here to take a peek at the beautiful decorations they have, though it is one of the most inviting in this restaurant. But you will definitely come here for the food. There is a new chef who cooks good Ember. Some says they must keep the old dishes, since they also love the angus short ribs the chef cook with sous for more than sixty hours.

The Immigrant Gastrobar is another place where you can find some platters. Chef De Silva is a good cook and he reinvents anything. He serves good tapas, beef rending and others. He also serves Eurasian fish stew which is really a great deal. This is quite rare, so when you come and visit Singapore, you must not miss this Gastrobar. He also cooks Cantonese style lo kai yik in misua noodles. It will be paired with Japanese malts. That is by far one of the best for those who are looking for a relaxing activity before going home after work.

Artichoke is another place that you must not miss. Chef Bjorn has a good eclectic streak and he also has a sense of humor. He is good in making fried chicken skin ice cream and you can see them at the stalls popping up. He called his very own version of ice cream as Neh Neh pop. It is defined as milky boobs by the locales. His version of mee chiang kueh comes with roast pork and char siew. That is quite different from the typical one with peanuts and sugar. He is also good in reinventing some of the dishes like the famous bak chor mee. He made his own version of it and he turned it into a hamburger. In his restaurant, which he called haven, he also makes non-halal dishes for those from the Mediterranean. He is also good in roasting his very own version of barbeque using his flavors. He roasts the pork ribs using a sauce with coffee and date mixture, he also put some yuzu pickle and he adds some Thai basil for a beautiful roast look.

Candlenut is another place where you can dine and relax. The realistic can just cause boredom to food goers, so check Lee of Candlenut started to reinvent some authentic dishes into something more exciting. At the moment, he is into whatever he thinks is best and what he thinks people will like the most. By far, the typical ayam buah keluak or what they call the black nut chicken stew or rending in Indians has been kept for those who are lunching at his restaurant, but for dinner that is another story. He cooks whatever he needs must be reinvented every night for dinner. One of his specialty is the smashed prawn with sambal hae bi with dill. He also offers a Nonya style curry using lamb meat.