UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in conserving the heritage and culture in Asian countries, seeks the local authorities and private sectors in retaining their cultural heritage. In connection with this the UNESCO, culture and heritage was established in the year 2000 and to encourage the public and private initiatives UNESCO started awarding the Asian countries. In this concept this year "

Gardens by the Bay" who possesses an old Botanical Garden, (which is 156 years old) was named as ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site'. This honour is awarded only for three gardens in the world, among the threeSingapore's Botanical Gardenis one. The remaining two arePadua Gardenwhich is located in Italy andRoyal Botanical Garden in Kew, England. One more important information is, the so called award received botanical garden is the first botanical garden in Asia.

Botanical History

Singapore celebrated her golden jubilee celebrations this year, but Singapore Botanic Garden is three times to that of Singapore, having a history attached with the British Colonial era. When the East India Company, started his administration in this country, in the year 1859, Singapore is one among the Straits Settlements, Anglo-Malay plantation house is the main attraction, which has historical history and the second floor of this building is the best view point of the garden. The history says that it has significance that this botanical garden is the first Singapore zoo. From 1875 to 1905, many wild animals like Kangaroos, rhinos and many other wild animals lived here. The stairway, which was built by the Australian POWs was still in good condition to that building. During the second world war, the Japanese protected the garden and utilized this garden to maintain the prisoners in them. At inception, The Singapore Botanic Garden has played a vital role in the history of Botany, because this is the main source for the researchers, investigators and agricultural investigations.

The names assigned to the Flora of the garden are related to the President and the Princess of the nation, and the main VIP orchid named after Cambridge's Duke and Duchess. The important factor for the industrialization of Asia is indirectly the botanic garden by producing 70% of rubber in this garden. The latest news that Singapore is in the top ceneters for commercial orchid growing from this garden. Some of the orchids are dedicated to the VIP in the nation like Margaret Thatcher, Ricky Martin, Xi Jinping (Chinese President) Princess Diana and so on.

Latest News

Now the botanical garden is the best picnic spot, Educational tours and hosts the joggers early in the morning. One more ornament it has is, that the garden is the best popular food destination. For a dining spot they named as ‘Food for Thought' offers Western dishes with Asian aroma. The garden offers monthly orchid sales, interested gardeners can buy according to their interest. To meet the increase in the demand, in the garden there is an extension of 24 acres which is to be completed by this year end. The new areas are going to be decorated with trees which can reach nearly 60 meters high. ‘SPH Walk of Giants, is the name given to the Broadwalk elevated area for the visitors to walk.

The oldest and vertical garden is the main attraction for the visitors in the state and it is the iconic garden in the city state. This is the only tropical garden to receive the World Heritage award.