Transport tips for families

Transport tips for families

Singapore is a famously efficient city, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the transport system. You'll be able to travel easily with kids thanks to easy bus and MRT routes, car hire and taxi services. If you're interested in the best ways to ferry your family around the city, here's a guide to transport tips for adventures with little ones.

1. For cheap public transport, purchase an EZ Link card

Your first step in starting your adventures by public transport is to purchase an EZ Link travelcard. These can be used on all bus and train services, and easily purchased and topped up at a number of different venues. To first purchase your card will cost you around S$12, with S$5 for the card and S$7 credit. If your child is under seven, they're eligible for free travel, so apply for a Child Concession Card in order to get this. EZ Link card's can be initially purchased from MRT Passenger Service centres, 7-Eleven stores and most Transitlink ticket offices. You can also purchase them from EZ Link's online shop.

2. Try out the MRT, one of the best public transit systems in the world

MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit, and is a citywide train service that covers all corners of the island, and is clean, fast and cheap. There are over 142 stations dotted around Singapore, with more still to come, and is one of the safest ways you can travel around the city. The stations are very well designed and are stroller and wheelchair friendly, with ample lifts and ramps. All stations have toilets and are well staffed - so there's plenty of help available should you need it.

3. Take the bus to see hidden corners of Singapore

Similarly clean, safe and efficient, Singapore has an extensive bus network which will take you to all four corners of the island. Simply top up your EZ Link card and tap in and out to enjoy cheap travel across the city. It's brilliant even for parents with strollers, as they don't need to be collapsed to be taken on board, and there are plenty of transport apps available that will give you bus updates in real time, from the IRIS (Intelligent Route Information System) app to international transport app Citymapper.

4. Try out homegrown taxi brand, Grab, and their family-friendly option, GrabFamily

Catering to all kids over four years old, taxi firm Grab is an app-based cab company that's renowned for being safe, user friendly and affordable. GrabFamily taxis come kitted out with legal and safe booster seats, which cater for children aged four to seven, and only cost $2 extra. Simply download the app onto your phone, select the pick up point and your desired destination, and select the GrabFamily option. You'll be given a price up front and can pay by card via the app. It's a fuss-free way to travel around Singapore.

5. If your kids are younger, Uber Seat might be the taxi choice for you

While GrabFamily is the best option for parents with slightly older kids, international taxi company Uber has a great choice for families with children one and above. Uber Seat provides customers with an IMMI Go booster seat, a fantastic and well-reviewed car seat that's suitable for children between ages one and ten. It's an additional S$5 for this upon booking, but well worth it for the safety features it provides. To book, simply download the Uber app, add your card details, destination and pick up points - and sit back and relax.

6. In it for the long haul? Rent or purchase a car in Singapore

Anyone staying in Singapore for under a year can use their foreign drivers license to lease or buy a car. (It's worth noting that beyond this, you will need to convert your license into a Singaporean drivers license by taking a local theory test.) It's a great option for those ferrying their kids around the city regularly, and for those who have to travel further afield more regularly. However, make sure you use a legally approved booster seat for your children and swot up on local road safety rules, highway acronyms and local driving laws.