Top ten family stay locations

Top ten family stay locations

Families that would love to spend a quality time together does not have to worry about choosing any hotel for accommodation in Singapore. Even though they might be quite expensive, there are various family packages and discounts offered. Some of the hotels and their offers to families are discussed below.

When families are looking for a pocket friendly destination, the village bugis hotel comes with the said offers. Not only is it pocket friendly but also has all facilities that any family would be looking for in any holiday destination, including fun games for the children. It is located in a very accessible location to other parts of Singapore. Facilities for the family to enjoy include a swimming pool, a shopping mall at the vicinity of the hotel. The hotel is accommodating for the young kids by having rooms painted in themes that related to the young ones. Cartoons, games and car themes are some of the themes featuring on the walls of the hotel rooms.

The Shangri-La hotel (in photo) is a chain hotel facility with two contenders around Singapore. The first hotel stands out as the best rated hotel around the country. There is a swimming pool, like many other hotels and is unique for having a court of tennis within its premises. The hotel is located in a vast land covering approximately fifteen acres of land. It has a backyard garden and ponds covering the remaining area. Orchard road is located some minutes away from this hotel. It is also unique for a hotel within Singapore to have such amenities. There are over one hundred rooms that all have different themes covering them. There are international hospitality joints and bars offering unending entertainment for families.

The other hotel contender for Shangri-La is located on Sentosa Island. It offers kids with themes of the jungle that the kids relate with. The themes are drawn taking into consideration the age brackets of the kids. The hotel has a club that is a beehive of activities for the whole family. For families that are seeking to have an access to the beaches, there is a direct route from the hotel.

The Singapore resort is also located on Sentosa Island. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore. The hotel has an area cover of over twenty seven acres. A large pool, and a double court for tennis. The hotel also has facilities for biking up the mountains. Drinks and a buffet is available for the whole family.

The fort canning hotel is located in a very suitable place that is very accessible to the orchard road, about five minutes' walk to the road. Children playing zones and other facilities for adults accommodate all the families.

While seeking to provide your family with holiday joints that have adequate and atmosphere that is friendly, the world resort is the best shot. If you have a toddler, there is a baby-sitting facility that is available.

Indulgence of all the hotel facilities in Singapore is best symbolized by the Capella Sentosa. This hotel caters for all your needs as you request them. Be it for the kids or the adults, it is accommodative for all. The hotel also has a spa, a large one with adequate space and precise location. All forms of tea and coffee are all available.

Carlton hotel is a hotel that most parents in Singapore having children under the age of twelve will always be looking to visit the hotel. This is because the hotel offers free services and amenities for all persons under the age of twelve. It is conveniently located which is important for the whole family.

Being located some few minutes away from the largest center for shopping in Singapore, the movenpick heritage has all the facilities that any family would be looking for in any hotel to suit them. From large and spacious rooms, to available pools as well as world class catering services.

Located between parade and katong shopping centers, the grand mecure is a hotel offering best services for all families. There are Asian cuisines available at your request and a direct transport to the airport is organized. Other hotel facilities in Singapore offering quality family time and leisure includes the York hotel , parkroyal , westin , regent as well as holiday inn. Check in at your own pleasure.