Tiny Tots Visiting Spots

Tiny Tots Visiting Spots

Singapore, the Lion City which is full of awesome attractions is the perfect place to visit with the kids. This is the fabulous place, especially if you want to travel with your kids. In this city you can easily spend a couple of weeks, but still your list of visiting spots continues to the next trip. Hey! Do you want to visit the award winning wild park, start your journey with the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo

The location of the Zoo is very natural and it is designed to be close with the different animal naturalistic habitats. All the animals which are going to be exhibited are divided into 11 zones, each zone requires waiting time to be explored. Kids can enjoy the Arctic inhabitants, which are in the Frozen Tundra regions, in the coolest exhibit zone. Other zones include Reptile Garden, giant tortoises and the most fearsome Komodo dragons. The zoo is the most convenient place to visit with the families. Children are most attracted with the Sea lion, which performs in the Splash or display safari to express their friendship with visitors. Children prefer to dine outside most of the time. So if your children want to dine with the wildlife, then nothing to worry, step in the ‘Ah Meng Restaurant'.

S.E.A. Aquarium

The experience which you never forget in your lifetime is visiting the S.E.A aquarium. It takes you the marine heritage. In this aquarium there are nearly 800 species and 49 different habitats. There are nearly 100,000 creatures in this aquarium, some of them are manta rays, leopard shark etc. You will wander by watching them. The ‘Sentosa' is a marine world with 800 varieties of species in nearly 50 million liters of water. The different creatures are exhibited in 10 different zones with 50 habitats. If you want sleep with the marine creatures, Yes it is possible if you visit the S.E.A aquarium, and experience the sleepover, and feel that you are in the ocean floor.

Jurong Bird Park

The Asia's largest park, which is near to the city center is Jurong Bird Park. The bird watchers can watch nearly 5,000 birds and nearly 400 species in this park. The colorful birds and the waterfall Aviary , makes you to visit again and again to this park. One more offer children can enjoy in this park is the heat of the hunt, and the playground offers the kids to open their wings to play and run with the wild . Children can have the eye witness in the Kings of the Skies show, where the birds of prey can be witnessed by the visitors. Never heard before, this park provides a facility to eat with the parrots. So the dining experiences in this bird park will be a memorable item for everyone throughout their life . Kids have a chance to celebrate their birthday in this park along with the ‘in-flight' entertainment. Kids can chat with the parrots and they show our emotions by laughing, crying and imitating every sounds. Is it not amazing. Don't miss a chance to enjoy, it's time for you to plan a trip.

Children's Garden

Asia's first garden, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, where the energetic kids can burn off some of their energy when they are learning about the nature. These garden is packed with the educational and holiday tours, to educate the children by showing the Magic of Photosynthesis, where children can learn by seeing. The on site café offers kid interested menu. Don't miss to visit this botanical garden to know the natural interesting facts. The known fact is kids like to play in the dirt and sand pits. Let them enjoy for a day.

Universal Studios

Singapore's movie park offers a full packed day for all the visitors. Children like animated based historical collections. So it is always better to plan and visit to the universal studio to watch a historical animated film.

To watch the unimaginable situations in the world, plan a trip to the Singapore to watch them and enjoy the vacation.