Things to Know about Singapore

Things to Know about Singapore

In this article you will discover a lot of things about Singapore and the mixture of races and culture that made this country complete in every aspect. If you will start with Chinese, they are the biggest ethnic group in Singapore. They make up the most of the country's populace. They are around 1/3 of the country. It is not surprising that the Chinese culture is very much prominent in Singapore, that is from the language to the food and even entertainment. Most of them usually trek in Singapore from the southern provinces of China that includes Fujian and Guandong. Those who came in Hokkien and in Teochew dialect groups are among the most populous that will be followed by the members of the Hainanese, Cantonese and other small groups.

Most of the Chinese traveled from mainland China to Singapore to escape the hardship of life in their hometown, while some of them venture into business in this country. Nowadays, Singaporean Chinese are all shown through various parts of the country from the business to politics even sports. While their normal culture has started to blend with other groups along with the influences of the Western culture, the festival like the Chinese new Year is still celebrated with more reminder of what Chinese meant in this country. Eurasia is the one with a small influence in the Singapore community. It actually encapsulates the east where it meets the west culture of the nation. This group is normally made up of people with various mixtures like European and even Asian lineage where they have been presented starting in nineteenth century.

Most of the Eurasians living in Singapore can even trace their European lineage and they normally came from a family composed of Dutch ancestors, while the Asian part of the ancestry can be traced to the Malays or even Chinese. The very first Eurasians who were able to come to Singapore after the British founded Singapore in 1819. They mainly came from Malacca or Penang in Malaysia. While the colonial period is taking place, a lot of Eurasians were actually working, they work as clerks in the civil service, banks and even trading houses. The ladies primarily worked as educators and nurses. There were more than fifteen thousand to thirty thousand Eurasians in Singapore nowadays, that makes up less than 1% of the populace. With that in mind, the country's media and even entertainment industries continuously developed.

The Indians in Singapore are among the 3rd biggest ethnic group in this country. The community is composed of the Indian populace. A lot of them came from south India just after the British people has established in Singapore. To this day, 60% of the residents in Singapore are Indians and the Tamil ancestry is among the largest. They were known for their entrepreneurial mindset, since they are good in trading from fabrics to jewelries and accessories. They were also represented in some of the professional and political circles.

You cannot discuss about Singaporeans without mentioning Indians, their dishes are among the well known in Singapore. They add flavors to the bland tasting dishes and they are also known to serve some of the finest fritters in this country. The festivals in India are also very colorful, they are also known for their upbeat events. The Deepavali or what they call the Light festival is one of the best in Indian. Malays are among the original settlers in Singapore. They are among the biggest group to ever migrate here. Their culture has influenced the country as well upon their arrival. They are scattered in various parts of Singapore.