On 5th March 2016, a group of volunteers will be contributing their vocal talents at Raffles Institution's Performing Arts Centre to raise funds for a local charity called Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT), whose founder is an alumni of the Raffles network of educational institutions in Singapore. The charity's name itself was inspired by Raffles Girls' School's motto "Filiae Melioris Aevi" meaning "Daughters Of A Better Age".

This young upstart charity was set up in 2014 to enable underprivileged women from low-income families with confidence, skills and access to job opportunities. They have built a support network for more than 280 women, impacted more than 40 families and helped 17 women achieve sustained employment in the short time since they started. Carrie Tan, the founder was thanked personally for the work being done at DOT by President Obama himself last November, when she did the opening introduction for POTUS at a Young Southeast Asian Leaders' Town Hall session in Kuala Lumpur.

Songbirds, the concert is testament to the dedication of love amongst the DOT community in Singapore that has made its work possible - people putting their talents, skills and resources together to enable and empower the women of Daughters Of Tomorrow. You can read about the volunteer performers here:

The event targets to raise $25,000 to support 70 women on their back-to-work journey. For a $100 ticket, you will not only be helping to make confidence and a brighter future possible for the women and their families, you will also be bringing a song into the hearts of the volunteers who have worked hard for several months to make this event possible.

The concert will be on 5th March 2016 (Saturday 3pm to 6pm), at Raffles Institution Performing Arts Centre. To purchase tickets, please email Find out more about Daughters Of Tomorrow at