Singapore’s Playgound

Singapore’s Playgound

Singapore's Playgound

What was once an abandoned military fort has come alive as Singapore's playground, and what a playground it is!

The wonderful island that is Sentosa Island attracts thousands of people every weekend and especially public holidays, so it's wise to plan ahead to ensure the maximum amount of fun for the whole family. Tickets can be booked in advance for the attractions or on site if you just fancy going with the flow. Because of the many attractions it offers, you may want to dedicate a whole weekend to the island so that you don't have to rush any of the magnificent sights or tire yourself and your family out too quickly.

Sentosa's attractions fall into four locations;

Imbiah Lookout - Great to keep the family entertained and educated about Singapore's history and wildlife. Proud host of the Merlion, Butterfly and Insect Park, Singapore Cable Car, Tiger Sky Tower, MegaZip Adventure Park and much more.

Beaches - For the beach and water loving adrenaline junkie! This location caters to those who are looking to surf, fly on a trapeze, indoor skydive, go kart around trails and whatever else your body can handle! After all of the action packed experiences there are tranquil beaches to unwind on or you can take a stroll down to Singapore's southern most viewing point.

Siloso Point - For the history buff and hands on action adventure seekers. It's a great way to actively explore Singapore's largest collection of WWII memorabilia. A touching journey to reminisce the nation's history and a great educational resource.

Resorts World Sentosa - This is the Entertainment hotspot of the island where Universal Studios, the Lake of Dreams and the Festive Walk are but a few of the main features. The biggest pop stars in the world frequently flock to the newly opened Pantages Hollywood Theatre to perform. Live music, food and shows are plentiful here.

All of the attractions are easily connected and accessible for everyone, so you can visit more than one location in a day. Sentosa is alive with hotels and Spas dotted frequently throughout so if adventure is not for you, there are options for a relaxing experience instead.