Singapores fabulous sealife

Singapores fabulous sealife

Resorts World Sentosa is one of the jewels in the crown of Singapore's many fantastic tourist attractions. As well as offering unforgettable glimpses of marine life up close and personal, the resort offers terrific dining opportunities and the chance to browse through excellent retail outlets, as well as world class attractions. On top of all that, there is a luxurious hotel and spa facilities.

Marine Life Park

This is the world's largest aquarium, an undersea world that is teaming with literally tens of thousands of marine creatures. Over 800 species are included, spanning some 49 undewater habitats. The oceanarium is home to massive goliath groupers and ferocious-looking hammerhead sharks, as well as numerous smaller fish.

One particular highpoint of the park experience is an opportunity to interact with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. As well as being a wildlife park, this venue specializes in a range of research programs. So as well as marveling at the sight of these magnificent marine mammals, you can find out all about them, learning about the steps that are being taken to conserve them so that they can be enjoyed by future generations of visitors to Singapore.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Singapore's development has been heavily influenced by its location on the South China Sea. This has always placed it at a key point at the apex of the biggest trading routes that have criss-crossed this part of the globe over the centuries. The Maritime Experiential Museum is highly innovative, and has built a fantastic reputation for its blend of informative exhibits and entertaining displays, many of which are fully interactive and offer a multi-sensorial experience. This is Asia's only museum that is completely dedicated to uncovering the continent's rich maritime heritage. Your trip into the past commences with a journey to the centuries-old maritime silk routes. Here history is faithfully brought to life with exhibitions that recreate the sights and sounds that would have been experienced by traders in the thriving bazaars and seaports.

As well as the chance to view artifacts from shipwrecks and other archaeological sites, such as the Bakau wreck and the Temasek dig, you will be able to view life-sized replicas of trade ships. Your educational experience concludes with an unforgettable white-knuckle ride, as you clamber aboard a virtual ship and experience the full wrath of a South China Seas typhoon. The 360-degree multimedia theatre will certainly give you a sailor's eye view of marine perils!

After you have experienced this perfect blend of education and thrills, you'll be ready to head for any of the resort's first-class cafes and restaurants for some well-earned refreshments.