Singaporean Souvenir Guide

Singaporean Souvenir Guide

Shopping in Singapore, in the last minute is an unimaginable situation for the visitors. Last minute shopping in the busy centers like Souvenir shopping is really a tedious chore for the visitors. Some of the Singaporeans are turning their backyard for creative designing and some entrepreneurs are producing the new breed which is uniquely that are of Singapore. The Singapore's Souvenir Guide gives the list of the things which are really amazing.

Gallery At A Glance

‘The Guardian', British newspaper opened the reading gallery, this is the best museum stores in the world. People those who like to read the books can have a nice time at this center. The books are available for all ages, according to their taste. The National Gallery, which is of 8,800 square- foot, has a partnership with the Foreign Policy Design Group, which includes the industry heavyweight. The building architecture which covers two city's historical buildings, at inception these buildings were occupied by the ‘Supreme Count' and ‘The City Hall', were now accommodated by the ‘Olivia Lee stationery' and ‘Supermama', a soft toy center. There is also a refreshment area in the building where one can refresh by having the cupcakes, which has a title of best seller of cakes.


The owner of the Supermama has an idea to collect and curate the historical craft objects. This idea was broken out by the owner when he and his partner were out from their jobs. This happened four years back, now the business is strengthening day by day. Today Supermama is known for its creativity and tranquility in the art museum. Now the Supermama has collaborated with more than 100 creative industries and highlighting the city's culture. All the products are designed with utmost love and patriotism. The owner says that,in the beginning, it was unknown for them to brand the products, he worried. He also expressed that today they are able to support the new market trends and creating a place in the innovative market. To be fact now the store is selling the handpick items throughout the world. So this four year old shop raised its business globally. In the beginning of the year 2016, the Supermama opened a new branch in the Beach Road.

In Good Company (IGC)

This is the iconic Asian fashion tailoring company for the women. ‘In Good Company" opened a new flagship store in the complex of ION Orchard. Along with the flagship store there is a café and a boutique store having a partnership with Plain vanilla. The designers in the, In Good Company described that they are the makers of the sensible clothing for the women in Singapore. These designers are different with other brands around the globe by creating the capsule collections, which is suitable for the Southeast climatic conditions. The specialty of the store is that the customers will surprise when they see the IGC's home created products. The products include cloths which are designed by the locals having the fashion of the experts and the selection of the poems and the novels, and many other products, where all the local brands have acquired significance that we admire.

Books Actually

‘Books actually' is a bookstore where everyone can have a read in the home. The main attraction of the store is that the founder indicates that this is the retail shop which focuses on the Literature. The two partners have a good following of the book warms and they successfully completed a decade in this field. The best thing that was committed by the partners is they picked up the hidden gem writers from the local community and to gain more attraction and attention of the public. They also publish quarterly journal. Price tags were pasted on the covers of the books, so the readers return the books at their convenience. Inside the shop there is a craft center also the visitors can visit and enjoy.

SPUR Hauswerks and PACT

This is a multi-category emporium having 7,500 square feet, which is located in Orchard Central shopping center. This emporium is known for the interior designs and kids products. The founders of this emporium are the expert designers and have an interest in the Asian and Singapore designing. (photo from SPUR Hauswerks instagram). Have a Glance at our Gallery and enjoy the awesome designs in the center.