Singapore Gardens

Singapore Gardens

Singapore is the wealthiest Asian country currently. The success of the country shows in the new and mode infrastructures that are being constructed and these that have already been built. These infrastructures including parks, metro lines and skyscrapers are all infused with the latest in technology, some of which are not introduced to the rest of the world as yet. A perfect spot to experience just how mush Singapore has advanced is the SkyPark (photo) on the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This building consists of three fifty six floor towers that are connected at their tops by a three hundred and forty meters long platform. You get a great view from the infinity pool on just how much the country has grown. Almost half of what you will see are new constructs that were erected within the last five year. There are still signs of growth as there are still construction cranes at location where construction is already taking place or should take place in the coming years.

The Marina Bay also known as the Marina Reservoir was transformed into a fresh reservoir by using Marine Barrages and this project was completed in the year two thousand and eight. This body of water used to be the saline estuary of the Singapore River and was also the main focus point of the city. The dam is now a popular place for visitors to have picnics or just a nice stroll around the area. Visitors won't have the need to worry as the barrage was designed to prevent the flooding of the low-lying areas.

The area is design to allow collecting rain water a route to the ocean. The crest gates will open to allow the rain water to run out to sea. This was a needed device as it is very common in the country of Singapore to have very heavy rain fall. The crest gates really regulate the flow of water. During high tide the dam is kept close to keep out the rising sea tides and during heavy rains at low tide the dam opens its gates to allow the excess water to run off. Giant pumps are installed to extract the excess water out the reservoir if necessary. The construction of the reservoir is a construction that might soon be adapted by other countries that flood from the rising sea levels and the ones that suffer from water shortages due to the change in world climate. If the entire tech displayed at this reservoir is not adapted you can be sure that a large amount of it is.

The reservoir serves not only as a cistern for water but it serves to reflect the Central Business District's skyscrapers. Approximately one square kilometers of land located to the west of the bay is being transformed into a project called the Gardens by the Bay. This project will include a set of gardens with a variety of different themes. These themes may include for instance, the Heritage Gardens. This theme incorporates the many plants used by the three main ethnic groups of Singapore. They include Chinese, Indian and Malaysian as well as those used by the British colonies. It was these colonialists who transferred the area into the major trading city it now is.

The gardens have twenty five to fifty meters high man-made trees that tower above the garden. They are palm tree shaped metallic structures that serve the same purposes of an actual tree. The structures are covered by vines and plants making them a virtual vertical garden. These are another iconic structure of the gardens. The center piece of the gardens is the largest greenhouse construct in the world. The greenhouse is constructed to be able to provide a climate that is suitable for tropical plans as well as providing the climate those thousand year old olives trees can survive in.