Singapore as a Family Holiday Destination

Singapore as a Family Holiday Destination

Singapore has a lot of tourism destination, includes Universal Studios, fun parks, shops, beaches, restaurants, and even casino. Bring children to a holiday destination might be one of the biggest consideration about which place you will visit, where to sleep, what to eat, etc. A lot of family activity and fun will take place if you have a good preparation. Singapore might be one of the best family holiday destination as you can find almost every family thing's to do right here.

Sentosa Island might be a good location to choose since it has a lot of entertainment and facilities integrated on this resort island. This island also connected to the Singapore through a bridge, so you can go to and fro by taxi. The Festive Hotel prepared a family room. The room consist of a queen bed and a single upper bunk bed. The Hotel, especially the room, has a unique and interesting decoration to be admired. For a bigger family, it will be better with addition double room. The payment made to this island also includes Universal Studio tickets, the Adventure Cove Water Park, Underwater World Aquarium, and the family breakfast. The transportation also free to accommodate you to make your own tour on the island, they present monorail and shuttle bus.

Walk along the boardwalk might be a good choice for the starter. Just don't forget the sunscreen. The walk will let you get the sight of the island, and smell the air to freshen you and your family. The boardwalk decorated with colorful ornaments along the way, keep your eyes and your children entertained. They might like to pose and have their photo taken near the boardwalk's ornaments, like a puppy, butterfly, flower, and palm tree.

If you're hungry after the walk, visiting the food court on Malaysian eat street is a good choice. They serve a lot kind of food which everyone can choose their favorite. But if you don't into spicy too much, you may ask the seller whether the dish spicy or not, especially for the kids, because some of it are spicy. You can find beef curry right here, with the rich taste and also spicy, fried noodles with prawns (also the spicy one), or beef noodle soup, which have a thick and rich soup.

Vivo City shopping mall is one of Asia's best place to shop. Technically, it is located in Singapore, but the mall like a gateway connected to the island. There's a biggest Toys ‘R' Us, jewelry shop, book shop, kids clothing, and much more you can find it here. The interesting sight might catch your eyes like Hello Kitty shop with all pinkie stuff, and retro-style retail shop. There's also a lot of kind of food, from the cheapest until the expensive one to choose. Watching the traditional making of noodles also interesting, one of the food stalls let people passing by to watch the process. The chef seems so skillful, pull and stretch the batter over and over until formed noodles. One day at the mall might not enough to explore, but don't get too exhausted and be prepared for the next destination. The island lighting at night is really something to see, the amazing view you'll see resemble one of the firework watching moment.