Red Dot Design

Red Dot Design

The Red Dot Design Museum

Inspiration comes in many packages and perhaps the most interesting package of them all is the Singapore Red Dot Design Museum. Located just a short walk from away Tanjong Pagar train station, the museum is one of the only two Red Dot museums in the world and is an experience not to be missed.

The exhibitors inside the museum are all winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the collection of innovative ideas under one roof truly represents the future of design. Past winners of ‘Design Team of the Year' include Apple, LG, Adidas, Tupperware and Audi.

A trip to the museum is a wonderful family activity. As well as the main building there is an entire community of intricate designers woven into a Design Journey in the area surrounding the museum. There are full day and half day variations that take you through Candy Design, Street Packaging Design, Product Design, Communication Design, Designing the Future and Design for the Departed just to name a few.

After soaking up the inspiration of the world's greatest designers, there is a chance to go a bit design MAAD yourself! MAAD is an ambient collection of hands on workshops, classes, exhibitions, refreshments, crafts, stalls and live music, held only one Friday night every month. If your trip coincides with one of these events then it's a unique opportunity to be a part of and not to be missed. It's a chance to treat yourself to a creative workshop or to make some wonderful souvenirs for your loved ones back home. You may discover talents you did not know you had.

The gift shop is a great way to take a little piece of the museum home with you to remember your experience by. From books, to stationery to bags to gadgets to art and everything in between, the Gift Shop has something for everyone and are all little pieces of magic from leading designers. The museum publishes two annual books; ‘Doing' and ‘Living' which follow the current and future trends of product design, and are available to purchase at the gift shop or on online.

This is an extremely inspiring experience and could ignite some creations of your own. Maybe you will be a part of the future of design at the Red Dot Design Museum.