Reasons to Visit Singapore

Reasons to Visit Singapore

It is quite hard to believe that the National Gallery of Singapore is just relatively new. It started to operate and welcomes the public in November of 2015. It has been the best place to go for those who would like to pay a visit at some of the Arts and history of Southeast Asia and Singaporeans. It took them 10 years and more than $300 Million to make this gallery (in photo) possible. The place now occupies the establishments that have been a haven to the city state Supreme court as well as the City hall. In this place, there is also a cultural center that highlights some of the best regional art and has kept the past of Singapore. There are 7 points why you need to visit this place when you come to Singapore.

This gallery offers a unique benefit in terms of checking the history and culture of Singapore and understanding what and who they are now. The previous court as well as the government structures location is a witness to what Singapore went through before they have reached where they are now. Lord Louis Mountbatten made an announcement in 1945 about the Japanese forces and their retreat. The 2 structures of the establishments were made by a British national in 1920. The old and very classic City Hall, which they call the municipal bldg. in the past has been opened in 1920s and then they open up the Supreme Court just a few years after that. The visitors nowadays will not be able to see the time has captured within the stone foundation of the establishment.

Well, you can make a research about the old Supreme Court using your mobile. It is now made available for Android and Apple users online. That is one of the best and a good alternative as well for people to learn about the history of Singapore without even leaving their homes. The Rotunda library is actually the law library of the past before the Supreme Court Building has established. This occurred after the remodeling and restructuring of the building. There are high columns and even domed roof. There are also bookshelves that were restored to the original look. It has become a part of the Resource Center. It is a trove of archival material that is accessible for public viewing.

Where you able to see the biggest paint in the world? Well, there is one biggest paint in Singapore, it is the artwork of Boschbrand. It was made by an Indonesian painter and it was placed on the wall for some reasons. It is big enough with 396 by 300 cm. It is by far the biggest painting in the said gallery. It has been completed in 1849 and this iconic piece shows some scenes of tigers and beasts trying to fly to escape a jungle inferno. It is located in the gallery of the South East Asia. Being an art fanatic, art collector and enthusiasts, you must come to Singapore to check on the National Gallery.

You will find more than eight thousand modern and conventional Singaporean pieces and Asian works from the nineteenth century to the twentieth centuries. The different collection spans years, movements of the artists and even methods to come up with those pieces. There are also facts that were documented like the Nguyen Van Nhan's Grande Tenue de La cour d' annam which is an album of watercolor paintings with beautiful ceremonial dresses. There are some other highlights that you can find such as the National Language class that has been painted in 1959. It was made by Singaporean artists named Chua Mia Tee.