Oasis of Calm

Oasis of Calm

An Oasis of Calm in a Bustling City

The exquisite decor of natural beauty provides the ideal place to relax, find inspiration, escape from the fast paced city life and take a quiet moment for yourself. There is no place more exquisite or more inspirational than Gardens by the Bay.

Sitting majestically over 100 hectares, the gardens resemble a futuristic tropical paradise situated in the heart of urban sophistication. The expertly crafted design most certainly represents the future as the gardens prioritise environmental sustainability and seek opportunities to recycle wherever possible. Beauty and brains. Strategies are constantly being renewed out of consideration for the environment.

The main attractions of the gardens include:

Supertrees - The 16 storey high constructional masterpieces are dotted throughout the park and there is a Supertree Grove where 12 stand tall and proud together. What's interesting about these trees is that aside from being visually astounding they are fully functional; some have photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy and others serve as a discreet ‘exhaust' system for the cooling conservatories. The plant life growing vertically on the trees have been carefully selected for easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing reasons.

Cloud Forest - The beautiful dome houses a spectacular 35m man-made mountain with heavily foliaged walls and the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Transportation to the top of the mountain is by lift and two walkways will allow for a leisurely walk back down again.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes; Like the Supertrees, the lakes are not only a thing of beauty but are rich with plant and aquatic life which have been carefully brought together to act as an eco-filter for the water. The boardwalk is an ideal spot to lap up the views of the city.

Dining: Walking around and taking in much of the scenery can build up an appetite, so any of the 8+ eateries will reward you with some much needed rest and food. The two main fine-dining restaurants are Pollen and The Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, which are run by world-renowned chefs and boast their own signature dishes. There are various cafes and bars dotted throughout the Gardens to offer you refreshments as you peruse the sights. Please bear in mind that certain sights have a strict no food or drink policy. Be vigilant for signs indicating designated areas.

Gardens by the Bay is accessible by private and public transport. The closest station is Bayfront (MRT) and there are a variety of car parks close by.