Kranji Home Of Patchwork

Kranji Home Of Patchwork

The Kranji, the suburb in the northwestern of the Singapore , which has its significance for its patchwork. This suburb is specialized in doing patchwork from orchids to frogs and crocodiles. Kranji is ready to cover it. As the suburb is far away from the city and fixed their location to the corner of the city and all the farms are half covered by the forests, Kranji's work look like the work of professionals, but they practiced it as their hobby, and many are successfully practicing it as their occupation. To see the work of the Kranji, Jurong Frog Farm is the best example.

All the buildings are constructed with concrete along with a farm shop and refreshment centre. The walls are covered with the cartoon pictures of frogs and tadpoles. In the background all the washing machines making sounds of croaking frogs when trying to spin. The ‘frogologist', who is the daughter of the founder of the farm worked in the oil and gas company, started his own farm in the year 1970, when the government closed the Singapore's pig farm. At inception, he supplied all the frogs required by the local markets. But now it is totally different, there are nearly 13 employees working in the farm and it is home for 20,000 frogs . The latest improvement in the farm is it is supplying fusion, where the restaurants are experimenting this fusion in tapas in dishes like starters. This frog farm is not like other farms supplying frogs just for the meat's sake, the farm is entertaining the families and visitors to hold the American Bullfrogs according to their need. Some people with more enthusiasm and energy, they themselves trying to catch the large beasts jumping into the water with rubber boots and spending time and energy for more than a half an hour with the frogs.

Hotel for fish

One can buy a ‘Koi fish' ranging from $700 to 800, and can leave at the farm when they were on vacation. This also helps for the people who brings the frog before digging the ponds in the backyard. The managing director of the farm expressed his opinion that instead of buying the Koi fish for prices and leaving them to be cared by the experts, why don't you buy a small Koi fish , leave them in the pond and watch the growth and can take back at your requirement. This is the idealistic idea behind the maintaining the farm. The managing director also stated that even the fish which sells for more than $50,000 may not grow like a giant to your expectations. The prices of the fish are growing stronger and stronger and now some of the Koi Farm exports fish to various regions and for the new markets and also to the neighboring countries like Myanmar, Combodia etc. To your need Koi is not expensive and very cheap and it is in your range and usually tempts the visitors.

Best Options In Kranji

The visitors can enjoy many eating options in Kranji. The Kranji farm offers quarterly markets and where one can munch the locally available morsels. The visitors can have some more highlights other than the farms. The race course is very near to the Kranji MRT station, which opens on Weekends. Along with the race course, there is a muddy beach, which was well known to the Japanese , when their landing took place in the year 1942. Wow! Near the farm there is a wetland reserve, where one can watch the migrating birds and mangroves on the banks of the small lakes and walkyways. Kranji is the best place, don't miss it, just enjoy it.