Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

While there is no shortage of things to do for the visitor in search of culture in Singapore, the Jurong Bird Park stands out as one of the city's most enduringly popular family activities on offer on the island. Since it first opened its doors in 1971, it has been wowing its plethora of daily attendees with some of the world's most famous and largest free-flying aviaries. Housing many exotic, unusual and colourful species of bird, it is a true must-see for anybody with an interest in wildlife.

One of the keys to the Jurong Bird Park's charm is how perfectly its environment reflects the natural environments of its birds. Across its 20.2 hectares, more than 5000 bird of over 400 species live, fly and breed.

Perhaps its most famous exhibit is the Waterfall Aviary, where 600 birds live near a staggering 30 metre high waterfall. The landscape is lush, with 100 plant species colouring every corner with plush, vivid colour. For the visitor who wants to get as close to our fine feathered friends as possible, the daily feeding sessions will be of particular interest.

Another sections of Jurong Bird Park that has made it famous is the Lory Loft, a huge, 9 storey Lory Flight Aviary. For the non-bird spotters amongst you, the Lory is an Australian species of bird famous for both its lively colours and its friendly disposition. These little fellows boast a plumage that combines red, blue, green and yellow, and will happily perch upon a stranger's shoulder when the mood takes them.

There's also the Jungle Jewel area, where Toucans fly in a lush South American rain forest, the Penguin Coast, where the titular Antartic natives dive and swim through icy water, Flamingo Lake, Pelican Cove and much, much more.

If you have very young children, you'll also find plenty to keep them entertained. At the fun-filled Birdz of Play section, kids can wile away the hours happily in a bird themed play zone that boasts both water based and dry attractions. Shallow pools and water slides, see-saws and ice cream – every distraction a kid could need can be found here.

The Jurong Bird Park is not, however, just about fun and games. It is also very much committed to breeding, conservation and animal welfare. It houses a Breeding and Research Centre, where abandoned or endangered eggs and chicks are given a chance to live safe and healthy lives. The centre is open for visits and is a great way to improve your understanding of the vital work being done at the park.

To round off your visit, why not enjoy a hearty feed while taking in a thrilling show? The Songbird Terrace offers a daily lunch buffet, where you can dine on superb Asian cuisine. During the service, the Lunch With Parrots show kicks off, allowing you to interact with some very talkative wildlife. Or, at dinner time, you can try Dinner With Penguins, which takes you through an incredible frozen backdrop filled with 5 species of penguin.

All of this adventure can be yours for a very friendly price tag: just $29 for an adult ticket and just $19 for a child ticket (3 – 12 years old). It truly is a great, affordable day our all year round.