Jessica Tan Webinar

Jessica Tan Webinar

Jessica Tan Webinar

The time is fast approaching when NTUC-PME invites a special guest onto its couch for a virtual webinar session to be broadcast across the globe online. First up to christen the ‘hot seat' is Jessica Tan, a successful female leader from the tech industry who has kindly agreed to impart some of her vast knowledge to followers of the web chat. So get involved and transmit all of your questions directly to Jessica on the 27th of June, and she will answer them for you, live from NTUC in Singapore.

Throughout her career Jessica has displayed the special characteristics and skills you need to succeed in the international market place. She has risen through a variety of tech related roles and now serves as General Manager for Microsoft Singapore in the Regional Enterprise Business sector. With over 20 years of professional industry experience, Ms Tan has delivered across a variety of roles in sales, services and strategic business development in the Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. This included 14 years on the books of IBM, so she is a lady who knows the ins and outs of this highly competitive sector.

This virtual chat is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to get an inside perspective of the tech workplace. You can ask THE fundamental questions, get all the info you need for your own career ambitions and help improve yourself. It is a fine line between success and failure in this life, and it is not often you have a chance to pick the brains of someone with Jessica's background, so don't miss out.

One particular route of questioning could be the role of women in the tech industry today. Figures show that the ratio of women entering into IT and tech related courses at University in Singapore is outnumbered 3:1 by men (as of 2011). A study by the MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development) shows that women shared only 33.2% of enrolment in this area while males make up 66.8%. The reasons behind this gender gap could be a fruitful topic of debate, so get your thinking caps on, and question why women are not choosing this industry unlike men.

Do you think there could be a greater focus on getting girls into the boardroom? Is there a glass ceiling? If so, how did Jessica break through it? And what about balancing a career and home-life? Please feel free to kick off a debate in the comments below.

These are important questions which frame gender issues today, and there will be an eclectic mix of expert guests to guide you through these and more divisive issues. But it would be a travesty to focus only on this one aspect of the debate, so explore all avenues important to you, individually, and take advantage of her unique insight.

The live online broadcast will be held on:

Date: 27 June 2013

Time: 8pm – 9pm


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