Hit the Singapore night spots

Hit the Singapore night spots

Hit the Singapore night spots

Singapore is renowned as one of southeast Asia's hippest and hottest places for nightlife. Here are a small selection of the places to be for bar hoppers, clubbers and hedonists. Plus, we'll give you a little bit of good advice for how to act when out on the razz in Singapore.


Located further away from downtown than you might expect for such a famous night spot, Zouk can be found pulsing away on Jiak Kim Street. What keeps it so popular, despite its out-there location, is that, quite simply, it rocks. House music is generally the order of the day, with world renowned DJs banging out hot and heavy sets on a nightly basis. Those with a broader taste might like to come on a Wednesday, when the club goes retro with an upbeat mix of pop from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Any serious clubber who visits southeast Asia simply has to put their head in at Zouk.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is, and always has been, the centre for Singapore's throbbing nightlife. Whether you want to have a quiet drink, share a romantic meal or dance the night away, you will find what you need here, all on the banks of the beautiful Singapore River.

Club Street

Though it originally got its name from the proliferation of private, Chinese clubs that would pepper the area, Club Street now has a much more modern, multicultural vibe. Lots of pub and bars aimed at ex-pats can be found around here, plus it's also one of the best places to go for gay nightlife – just look for the rainbow flag.

A note on Singaporean nightlife

Singapore is a bustling, thriving free market state and, therefore, the people like to kick up their heels and enjoy themselves at night. That does not mean, however, the kind of drunken behaviour accepted on the streets of London will be tolerated over here. Please bear in mind, strict rules apply forbidding the use of racially insensitive language (including the lyrics to certain football songs), smoking and spitting in public. So, while we encourage you to enjoy yourself we also urge you not to forget where you are!