Family outing spots for the adventurous

Family outing spots for the adventurous

There are many outing spots up for exploration for those who do not have any clues. They are all safe and fun for your young nieces or nephews.

First up on the list if Kampung Lorong Buangkok. It is a complete opposite to the usual concrete jungle scenery we face every day. It is especially educational for kids to experience pre-modernized landscape and feel the kampong air. It is situated between busy roads and skyscraper developments. It has all kampong features intact, ranging from wooden houses, vegetable patches, tin roofs and fruit trees. You can feel yourself stepping into another brand new atmosphere close to Mother Nature. Houses come with open public porches and welcoming courtyards, similar to the olden community spirits. Crime is virtually non-existent due to the strong unity among villagers, unlike modern Singapore which houses are gated and CCTV installation at every corner of the house. Spare some time for a short visit with your family. It is free for all to wander about, but be wary of residents' privacy.

Another family outing spot could be organized at the wet markets. Children are curious about everything from simple questions such as origins of their breakfasts and source for fish and seafood. Bringing your kids to wet markets can give teach them lessons about grocery-shopping. The fruits and vegetables vendor contains the most variety of colorful plants. Fresh raw vegetable scent accompanied the kids every corner of the market. You can pay the prawn stalls a visit. Kids can have a fun time playing with worms and terrapins. Kids can relate to their friends about their exciting adventure to the market and the lessons behinds fresh poultry. Breakfast outlets can be found in the market as well which sells familiar local cuisine as what the kids had long known, namely the ever delicious Nasi Lemak or Roti Prata. It may not be a common family outing for visiting wet markets but the educational lessons are vital for the children's growth.

Next up on the family outing list is Pasir Ris Boardwalk along the mangrove. It is a hidden trekking gem suitable for trekkers of all age categories, including young kids. It has a dedicated stroller lane as well. Fun awaits the visitors who enjoy crab spotting. Humps could be spotted along the walk, created by lobsters on the muddy surface. Mudskippers are well camouflaged and needed more eye-power for effective detection. Once you get the hang of their hiding spots it is easy spot. Boardwalk ends with a jetty that oversees Sungai Tampines. Plenty of uncommon creature sightings can be found such as kingfishers, monitor lizard, archer fishes and water snake. Kid would love the hangout spot. It is the number one hang out spot for many families in Singapore.

Staying put at home over the weekend may be a good idea to recuperate after a busy workweek. Some households prefer maintaining an active lifestyle, especially families with boy kids who have endless energy for all adventures. Nature lovers can consider going for regular hikes at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. 1 or 2 hours of hike will see hikers reaching TreeTop Walk. Nature lovers can enjoy the fresh and cool forest air and rest under the shady thick canopy. Singapore's nature parks are some of the best parks in world with 1st class maintenance and landscaping. National Parks had performed a great task constructing the boardwalks at MacRitchie Reservoir, allowing hikers to get close to emerald green water coming to life.

Parents always worry that outing spots they have chosen may not be safe for their young kids. A place that is kid friendly need not be extremely safe, but rather places that parents can let go and allow children to get dirty while playing with mud and having joyous moments. Activities should be fun and engaging. They will learn to pick up after a hard fall. The main takeaway is to have an enjoyable moment and cherish the weekend outings together.