Family-friendly farms to visit in Singapore

Family-friendly farms to visit in Singapore

Beautiful Kranji, an untouched area in the north-west of Singapore, is the perfect location for a day out with kids. A shuttle bus can pick you up from public transport links and ferry you around the area, with stops at this district's best loved farms. From organic vegetables and fruit to frogs, goats and cows, you'll be able to teach your children about the importance of where the food we eat comes from and incite their interest in taking care of the world around us.

Bollywood Veggies

Get kids acquainted with nature at Bollywood Veggies, Singapore's favourite urban farm, nestled in the north-west corner of the island. A visit to this idyll in Kranji will give your kids the opportunity to wander around, and see and touch their favourite vegetables, an educational experience that proves invaluable - showing children that food definitely doesn't grow in the supermarket. See limes, mangoes, onions and brinjal being carefully tended to, using the banana-shaped tour map to orient yourself, and afterwards enjoy a meal at the celebrated inhouse cafe, the Poison Ivy Bistro - their nasi lemak is dyed with blue pea flowers plucked straight from the plant.

Jurong Frog Farm

Book into one of the informative tours at Jurong Frog Farm, where more than 10,000 American bullfrogs are reared for sale. You'll witness an all-male frog choir, understand how frogs camouflage to blend into their environment and see first hand how frogs are raised here. This Kranji-based farm also runs story-telling sessions for kids - with sweet stories like ‘the Prince and the Frog Forest' - and lessons where children can learn about frog life cycles and how to take care of tadpoles. It's a fun introduction that simplifies the world of ‘herpetology' for little ones.

Hay Dairies (photo)

Introduce children to some four legged friends at Hay Dairies, a Kranji-based farm which houses goats, and supplies organic goat milk around Singapore. Kept in roomy barns with lots of fresh air and natural light, the goats are milked once a day, so make sure you time your visit accordingly to coincide with this - this takes place from 9am to 10.30am - to see this fascinating process in action. Children can also have a go at feeding the goats - purchase Alfalfa Hay from the farm at $5 per packet and enjoy a hands on experience. Don't forget to sample some of the farm's produce too - the fresh, creamy goat milk made here is on sale in natural and chocolate varieties, and there's no better way to refresh yourself after a trip round the farm.

Quan Fa Organic Farm

For a fascinating look into how vegetables and fruit are produced, the Quan Fa Organic Farm runs tours which are a great insight into the process. Bring your kids to see how seeds like sunflower sprouts are grown in the indoor area - and make sure you take the opportunity to taste them - and then wander outside to see rows of fresh lettuces being cultivated. The farmers running the tours explain the organic methods used here - like using ethical insect traps and fertilizers made of plant waste, instead of pesticides or chemicals. You'll also be able to see local greens like Red Amaranth and Kai Lan, which are housed in greenhouses. Finish your tour in the farm shop where you'll be treated to a complimentary bowl of fresh vegetable soup and you have the chance to purchase vegetables and herbs to take home with you.

Viknesh Dairy Farm

If you're interested in seeing how a cow farm is run, head to Kranji Marshes and visit Viknesh Dairy Farm. Visits are free from 9am to 6pm, and you're free to wander at your leisure - don't miss the cow shed where you can see furry friends up close and even purchase hay to feed them by hand. The farm also rears goats, so there's a chance to introduce your children to these curious creatures too. Owner Raja offers personal tours around the farm too, and for the bargain price of $3 per person, you can learn more about the processes used to rear cattle and try a glass of fresh milk at the end.