A Haven for Shoppers

A Haven for Shoppers

Have you ever thought of where to go shopping while you are in Singapore? Well, this city has a lot of all original places that offer you a lot of shopping options in the middle of the cultural landmarks and beautiful architectural landscapes. As you walk through the Orchard road, which is among the most beautiful place in Singapore to shop. There is also a belt which is housing some of the most sophisticated dining, entertainment and retail shops to add up to your list. Regardless if you are seeking for an international lavish brands, the classy home labels and even the trendiest fashion collections are a must to visit. On a note, there are 2 highly known department stores in Singapore, it is theRobinsons. There is another one namedTangs. They are both famous and they have stayed famous for their beautiful lines and incomparable services.

Typically known as the Robinson as well as Spicer, Robinsons started its career in Singapore when they put up a storeroom in a commercial square also known as Raffles Place. It has lots of outlets which made it well regarded in Singapore. Good thing there is a one-hundred-year old heritage local retail powerhouse. Tangs was established by a businessman in nineteen fifties. It has moved to its present building at the connection of Orchard as well as Scotts roads and it also boasts a number of apparel and some household collection. Both of the shops offer different collections from famous local designers. They were all made up of natural fibers. If you want to experience a combination of lavish retail with beautiful views, you can come to the Marina Bay Sands, which is a unified kind of resort.

When the Shops at the Marina Bay Sandsopened in 2010, there has been the biggest range of lavish labels housing in here. There have been over a hundred lavish and premium brands in the flagships of the said establishment. The brands and the labels are among the famous ones and they have limited editions of all the items that are sold here in an exclusive manner. The shops have been expanding the lavish lines from kids wear to the adults. Moreover, you must not miss this chance. You can have some of the best local designs that can also be found there like the Ong Shunmugam, Ashley Isham with some of the best creations that have been adorned such as the Agenlina Jolie collections.

You can also come to the Sentosa Harbour Front. It is located at the south coast. It has a lot of things in store for you. It has been linked with the pleasure and persuading attractions, there are bars, diners, pristine beaches and some of the largest malls and lavish boutiques that you can find. You must take time out to shop and unleash the Vivo City, it is one of the biggest mall in the city so far. It has lots of shopping choices for you and for the while household.

There are also distinct shops that you can find there. The amenities are also child friendly, so bringing your kids here will never be a problem. You can also go to the Harbour Front Center. It is a beautiful three storey shop that provides the best options of retails. They also have a store meant for moms and pregnant women, there is also an electronic shop like sporting equipment. When you have shopped and you want an adventure, you can take the cable car going to Sentosa. It is one of the best fun filled playground in Singapore.