A Day Trip To Singapore

A Day Trip To Singapore

A small nation, Singapore which offers its travelers an array of refreshment, entertainment and shopping options with the best resources. To visit the top tourist attractions in a day, start your journey by adding efficient and convenient transport facility to your trip. Things you have to remember before you plan your trip, get up early in the morning and have your breakfast with the local cuisine. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city one can watch diverse cultures and different colors, and all varieties of food courts. According to your taste and budget, you can visit the restaurants and shopping malls and the attractions in the city. Before stepping in the city it is very important to know the some of the rules of the country. Never litter in the public places when you visit to smart nation. Littering in public spots carries a fine which is far above your expectations. It may be more than $1000, because they never allow people to do such things. Chewing gums are totally restricted in the country, because some people after eating they spit on the streets. There is a ban on importing chewing gum, only chewing gum of therapeutic value is allowed into Singapore. To have an enjoyable trip remembers the basic things to be followed.

Convenient Transportation

If you plan a one day trip to Singapore, take a local transport, and visit Little India where you can have your whole shopping under one roof. The customers are mostly Indians, and one can have a real fun in this mall. You can bargain and buy all perfumes, souvenirs and groceries and so on. In the Little India along with the shopping malls there are also food courts. So you can enjoy shopping while refreshing. If you are bored with only one location, then you can visit the sidewalk cafes to have your cuisines. If private transport is not in your budget, then you can plan a bus tour, which is equivalent to the private transport. So to have an overview of the city just begin your journey with the hop on –hop off bus tour, where in two hours you can visit the city and three neighbouring cities, which is the best way for the first time visitors to Singapore. Children can enjoy by sitting on the deck of the bus, parents can also if preferred to have a nice look. To take the photographs one can sit on the deck of the bus. In times of hot timings you can sit in the air conditioning shelter.

River Cruise and Double Deckers

If you prefer the bus tour, then automatically you will be taken to the river cruise when there is a lot of fun and enjoyment. To have a bird's view to see the major important places the tourists can board a double Decker bus tours. These double Decker buses have open tops and on and off you can get on and get off from the bus by taking a single ticket for the day. The river cruise gives a different view for the tourists. In the river cruise you can watch Singapore from beneath instead from above. So plan your trip to Singapore for a day to enjoy the double Deckers and river cruise and have the utmost enjoyment.

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

Clarke Quay is the an intriguing location, where there are plenty of restaurants, boutiques and collection of condos are seen here. Remember to back from this most attractive place. The Boat Quay is the center for the shop houses and pubs and offices in the nightlife, from this place you can watch the skyscrapers of the nation, financial and world class banking centers.

Fullerton Hotel

You are not supposed to miss this five star hotel, because it is the historic hotel, and its size accommodates some public offices and pubs in the building. The magnificent Fullerton Building is a grand neoclassical landmark built in 1928. Gazetted in December 2015 as a National Monument, it was once home to Singapore's General Post Office, the Exchange Room and Exchange Reference Library, and the prestigious Singapore Club. For nearly a century, it has played a pivotal role in Singapore's rich history. Today, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has been transformed into a stunning 400-room heritage hotel in Singapore.

You may also want to plan a day trip to the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore to check out the skyscrapers and get a different view of the city from different locations.