Night Safari  
Night Safari

The title pretty much says it all! A wonderful opportunity to visit over 2500 species of nocturnal animals in their naturalistic habitats. There are trails to be experienced by tram and by foot allowing you some variation in your visit. Both are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, which can be provided upon your arrival if you do not wish to bring your own.
By Tram: The Tram Safari is a wonderful way to get started with exploring the animal kingdom accompanied by a guide who can offer knowledgeable information and answer any questions. During your 45 minute tram ride you will venture through differently themed locations which have been carefully constructed to resemble the natural habitat of its residents. Animals to look out for along this journey include: mark hors, striped hyenas, sloth bears, zebras, giraffes, hippos, malayan tigers, bull elephants and rhinoceros to name a few. There are many more who make an appearance.
If you would like to experience the Tram Safari exclusively with a small group of friends and family, there are also private tour packages available to choose from.
By Foot: You can also opt for the Walking Trails, where at your own pace you can gaze at the rare animals getting on with their lives in their habitats. The fishing cat is a popular attraction as he can been seen gracefully prancing around his lake looking for fish. The Walking Trails are all fronted by glass so there's no danger of becoming a tasty snack to one of the leopards!
By Foot: The experience comes highly recommended and is a great activity for the whole family to do together. If you wish to get the most out of the Night Safari it would be helpful to set aside about 5 hours of your evening for the adventure because there is a lot to see and do. When you are done exploring the species from different continents, why not pick up a stunning souvenir from the Gift shop on your way out?