Family-friendly hotels in Singapore


Family friendly hotels in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for being a safe, efficient and family-friendly destination, and while most hotels will offer fantastic kids facilities, there are a select few which go above and beyond your expectations. From rustic villas in the rural north-west corner of the city, to the whimsical fantasy-land of Tanglin's Shangri-La Hotel, you'll be enthralled by some of the fantastic choices of family-focused hotels which will keep you relaxed and your kids entertained.

Gallop Kranji Farm Resort
Nestled in the greenest area of the city, Gallop Kranji Farm Resort allows your kids to get close to nature while enjoying the ease of the luxury facilities the hotel offers. The area is set in a verdant space 50,000 square metres in size, in an idyllic area of north-west Singapore surrounded by more than 100 farms. Wander around onsite vegetable, fruit and herb plantations, bee farms and bird nest farms, and in the day make use of the resort's shuttle service, which will ferry you to famous farms in the surrounding area, from Bollywood Veggies (a fruit and vegetable farm) to Hay Dairies (a goat farm.) Accommodation is in rustic but cozy villas and onsite restaurants prepare local and Western dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Very few hotels could rival the ‘Ritz Kids' facilities for guests with families. From its outstanding location in Marina Bay, this hotel offers in-room camping with mini-safari tents, an inhouse playground - Playland - with games, toys, books and their very own movie theatre. Feel free to pick from the concierge's epic selection of kids DVDs - they'll also be more than happy to book you family-friendly attractions around the city. Kids between the ages of four and twelve can have an expedition around the hotel with the Ritz Kids Adventurer Passport - the lobby on level three is home to secret animal stamps - if children find them all the prize is a scoop of luxurious ice cream.
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (photo)
Located in the safe and leafy streets of Tanglin, the Shangri-La Hotel has some of the best kids facilities around. From their ‘buds by Shangri-La' indoor and outdoor playgrounds - an epic and colourful feat of architecture stretching 1,872 metres around the hotel - to their themed family suites, which need to be seen to be believed. It's hard to pick between the safari themed suite, where your kids can set up camp with a colourful and luxurious tent inspired bed, and the tower room, where an impressively-sized kids castle houses bunk beds. Each themed family suite is also home to a tunnel which interconnects kids and parents bedrooms. For luxury with more than a hint of whimsy, the Shangri-La Hotel is an ideal place to be your home away from home.
Furama Riverfront Hotel
In the historic area of Chinatown, near the Singapore River, Furama Riverfront Hotel embraces the concept of themed suites to brilliant effect. Striking wall murals combine with fantastical furnishings - choose between their Pirates, Castles or Underwater decorations to create a magical experience your child won't forget. All rooms also come with an Xbox console, and for outdoor fun, the pool area hosts an inflatable bouncy castle. Onsite children's play areas PAWS and Waka Waka are also worth a visit, followed by the complementary international buffet with plenty of kids favourites available for dinner.
Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
If you're looking for a family-friendly hotel with easy access to the water and white sands of resort island Sentosa, the Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa is an ideal choice. All rooms feature stylish balconies which overlook expertly landscaped tropical gardens and a swimming pool. If your kids are into outdoor activities, particularly water sports, there's no better option in the city. The hotel has onsite water slides, kids pools, a water sports centre with kayaks, pedalos and stand-up paddleboards, and even a flying trapeze. The hotel is right next to Siloso Beach, with its own private section of beach open to hotel guests only.


Family-friendly farms to visit in Singapore


singapore friendly farm

Beautiful Kranji, an untouched area in the north-west of Singapore, is the perfect location for a day out with kids. A shuttle bus can pick you up from public transport links and ferry you around the area, with stops at this district's best loved farms. From organic vegetables and fruit to frogs, goats and cows, you'll be able to teach your children about the importance of where the food we eat comes from and incite their interest in taking care of the world around us.

Bollywood Veggies
Get kids acquainted with nature at Bollywood Veggies, Singapore's favourite urban farm, nestled in the north-west corner of the island. A visit to this idyll in Kranji will give your kids the opportunity to wander around, and see and touch their favourite vegetables, an educational experience that proves invaluable - showing children that food definitely doesn't grow in the supermarket. See limes, mangoes, onions and brinjal being carefully tended to, using the banana-shaped tour map to orient yourself, and afterwards enjoy a meal at the celebrated inhouse cafe, the Poison Ivy Bistro - their nasi lemak is dyed with blue pea flowers plucked straight from the plant.
Jurong Frog Farm
Book into one of the informative tours at Jurong Frog Farm, where more than 10,000 American bullfrogs are reared for sale. You'll witness an all-male frog choir, understand how frogs camouflage to blend into their environment and see first hand how frogs are raised here. This Kranji-based farm also runs story-telling sessions for kids - with sweet stories like ‘the Prince and the Frog Forest' - and lessons where children can learn about frog life cycles and how to take care of tadpoles. It's a fun introduction that simplifies the world of ‘herpetology' for little ones.
Hay Dairies (photo)
Introduce children to some four legged friends at Hay Dairies, a Kranji-based farm which houses goats, and supplies organic goat milk around Singapore. Kept in roomy barns with lots of fresh air and natural light, the goats are milked once a day, so make sure you time your visit accordingly to coincide with this - this takes place from 9am to 10.30am - to see this fascinating process in action. Children can also have a go at feeding the goats - purchase Alfalfa Hay from the farm at $5 per packet and enjoy a hands on experience. Don't forget to sample some of the farm's produce too - the fresh, creamy goat milk made here is on sale in natural and chocolate varieties, and there's no better way to refresh yourself after a trip round the farm.
Quan Fa Organic Farm
For a fascinating look into how vegetables and fruit are produced, the Quan Fa Organic Farm runs tours which are a great insight into the process. Bring your kids to see how seeds like sunflower sprouts are grown in the indoor area - and make sure you take the opportunity to taste them - and then wander outside to see rows of fresh lettuces being cultivated. The farmers running the tours explain the organic methods used here - like using ethical insect traps and fertilizers made of plant waste, instead of pesticides or chemicals. You'll also be able to see local greens like Red Amaranth and Kai Lan, which are housed in greenhouses. Finish your tour in the farm shop where you'll be treated to a complimentary bowl of fresh vegetable soup and you have the chance to purchase vegetables and herbs to take home with you.
Viknesh Dairy Farm
If you're interested in seeing how a cow farm is run, head to Kranji Marshes and visit Viknesh Dairy Farm. Visits are free from 9am to 6pm, and you're free to wander at your leisure - don't miss the cow shed where you can see furry friends up close and even purchase hay to feed them by hand. The farm also rears goats, so there's a chance to introduce your children to these curious creatures too. Owner Raja offers personal tours around the farm too, and for the bargain price of $3 per person, you can learn more about the processes used to rear cattle and try a glass of fresh milk at the end.


Last-minute Family Staying Concepts


Asia Square Tower


The mid-year summer vacations are almost here, but you have nothing organized at all. When you are tight on efforts and in anxious need of a break, do you really want to go through the trouble of looking for flight tickets and resorts to escape from here quickly?

The hotel Asia Square Tower (in photo) is not the common staycation location — for one, it's in the Main Business Region. Still, it was soothing to wind into the CBD on a Weekend to see loads of vacant car park many awaiting your modest buggy.
The hotel is also only an S$11 Grabcar drive away from Sentosa so I took the opportunity to head to the South East Asia Fish tank with my child for a jaunt in manufactured. When it came to supper, Lau Pat Sat reverse The Westin Singapore was nicely rare before 7pm. No need to jostle, sweat and feel frustrated with humankind.
And yes, there was nothing quite as untroubled as getting up without feeling the need to do end of the week tasks or seeing toys and games distribute all over the ground. The rest of the day approved in a soothing blur: Meals distribute — examine. Infinity share dip — examine. Viewing TV and eating biscuits while relaxing in Westin is well known 12.5-inch Incredible Bed (100,000 beds marketed, and keeping track of, according to a Walls Road Publication 2015 report) — examine, examine, examine.
You can understand why staycations are an evergreen favorite with Singaporeans as they are a practical, last-minute solution to select. Data from revealed that looks for staycations in Singapore increased by 87 % from 2014 to 2015. There was a 14 % surge in looks for staycations during the July vacations in 2016, as opposed to same search period last season (from Jan 1 to May 15).
This view is distributed by Arthur Kiong, CEO of Far Eastern Kindness. “We see a increasing pattern in the development of Singaporean family members looking for end of the week staycations as a cost-effective solution to an international vacation. Families, especially those with young kids, enjoy staycations as it is a vacation without the stress of organizing a vacation out of the nation,” he said, including that Far Eastern Kindness resorts like City Hotel Changi have seen over 50 % increase staycation figures from 2013 to 2015.
With more choices in the staycation market now, here are some tips to keep a homebound vacation lovely and easy.
1. Find resorts with action offers. Not every hotel is able to offer water slips, but more resorts are combining a stay with family-friendly actions. The Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel offer The Fullerton Family Program, beginning from S$508++ for the Culture Space at Fullerton Hotel, which brings in Singapore Conventional Jubilee Goes for two grownups and two kids. The passes allow visitors to hop on and off traveling vehicles (such as those plying the Culture and Evening Opera routes) to get to destinations such as Competition Brewery or the Indian Culture Center. Best of all, you can hop on the vehicles just outside resorts.
2. Involve yourself in a neighborhood. Another way is to spend your energy in one location. Park yourself in a trendy store hotel in a buzzy neighborhood to understand more about it in detail. For example, hot new property M Social Singapore designed by Philippe Stracke is hit during Robertson Quay looking over the Singapore River. The hotel, starting July 9, is a trendy haven with its developer hits prefers replicated areas in loft-like duplex areas. Do not fear, youngsters are welcome here too — and it is the perfect location to platform yourself, whether you examine out newish areas such as Decker Barbeque and The Quay Kitchen & Bar or old favorites like Kith and Common Man Java Roasters. And by the way, the hotel is currently providing a dent marketing beginning from S$218++ every night for a limited time.
3. Hiking in the crazy. A staycation does not have to mean staying in a resort. If you have no hint of going about to do that, try Pesta Ubin's two day and one night family Characteristics Camping with Cicada Tree Eco-Place occurring July 3 to 4. Books are on side to message a covering and explain to you all about admiring the outside. Check out its web page ( to sign-up your attention. Singapore Zoo is also planning a Rest with Monsters — A Members of the family Event camp on July 25 to July 26. Each family gets a six-man covering and the all-inclusive program requires members on a behind-the-scenes trip from getting near with the animals to a food dinner


What Singapore Has in Store for Foodies


Singapore food

There is a food lover in Singapore that posts trendy and big names of foods and restaurants in the country. This person never stops in seeking for new dishes. He tagged the dishes with good and bad depending on his palate and likeness. He also categorizes the restaurants and diners with affordable rates and those that are costly. A traveler's visit to Singapore will not be complete without tasting some of the finest dishes there. Here's some in his list.

Ember has a sakura ebi pasta that you will surely love. You cannot resist it even in just 1 bite. They have been baking and then they add some flavor and they braised the lobster head oils, before they take it to umami in an extreme manner. You will not here to take a peek at the beautiful decorations they have, though it is one of the most inviting in this restaurant. But you will definitely come here for the food. There is a new chef who cooks good Ember. Some says they must keep the old dishes, since they also love the angus short ribs the chef cook with sous for more than sixty hours.
The Immigrant Gastrobar is another place where you can find some platters. Chef De Silva is a good cook and he reinvents anything. He serves good tapas, beef rending and others. He also serves Eurasian fish stew which is really a great deal. This is quite rare, so when you come and visit Singapore, you must not miss this Gastrobar. He also cooks Cantonese style lo kai yik in misua noodles. It will be paired with Japanese malts. That is by far one of the best for those who are looking for a relaxing activity before going home after work.
Artichoke is another place that you must not miss. Chef Bjorn has a good eclectic streak and he also has a sense of humor. He is good in making fried chicken skin ice cream and you can see them at the stalls popping up. He called his very own version of ice cream as Neh Neh pop. It is defined as milky boobs by the locales. His version of mee chiang kueh comes with roast pork and char siew. That is quite different from the typical one with peanuts and sugar. He is also good in reinventing some of the dishes like the famous bak chor mee. He made his own version of it and he turned it into a hamburger. In his restaurant, which he called haven, he also makes non-halal dishes for those from the Mediterranean. He is also good in roasting his very own version of barbeque using his flavors. He roasts the pork ribs using a sauce with coffee and date mixture, he also put some yuzu pickle and he adds some Thai basil for a beautiful roast look.
Candlenut is another place where you can dine and relax. The realistic can just cause boredom to food goers, so check Lee of Candlenut started to reinvent some authentic dishes into something more exciting. At the moment, he is into whatever he thinks is best and what he thinks people will like the most. By far, the typical ayam buah keluak or what they call the black nut chicken stew or rending in Indians has been kept for those who are lunching at his restaurant, but for dinner that is another story. He cooks whatever he needs must be reinvented every night for dinner. One of his specialty is the smashed prawn with sambal hae bi with dill. He also offers a Nonya style curry using lamb meat.


Thrilling Activities in Singapore


Thrilling Activities in Singapore 

Even if for more than 4 decades, the Sentosa Island in Singapore is a prime tourist spot that has known the essence of reinventing what they have. In the past years, it has been the prime destination in this place for those who are looking for a thrilling activity or for those who wish to have their adrenaline rush, good thing there are lots of activities meant for them from surfing to skydiving. Sentosa is also one of the best place for those who would like to conquer their fears. It will be of help for those who are scared of heights and others. Spending a weekend in Sentosa is just like fighting your biggest fear. To control your fear during the activities, you can slap on your heart rate monitor as you watch it during the activity.

You are also advised to have a nausea level rate device, so you can measure your heart rate and even your nausea level. Before you even make a big step from the 75-meter-high platform on the Megazip (photo) line in Sentosa, you can hold the security rails. However, if you will let go of your fear and let the fun filled your system, you will realize that the MegaZip is really a fun filled activity. The first 3 wire zip enables different people to zip line and all at once. That will be from the hilltop across the patch of the jungle. That is over the beach and onto the water platform. You will surely love the views of the four hundred fifty-meter ride. This is an addicting activity, so you must not leave Sentosa without trying it out.
How about the Jetpacks? There are 2 water powered jetpacks in Singapore. They are available to the masses, good thing there is someone who brought it there in 2013. It can take you up to more than ten meters high. By far, it seems to be the safest and the simplest way to fly. That is of course with the help of the power to control your flight. When you hit the jetpack on your back and then be ready to head on to the sea, you will surely feel amazed with the beauty of the beach around you. But those who have tried it says it is not that easy and simple to use. The very first thing that you will be required to do is not simple. It is because you cannot fight the machine and you need to balance yourself.
As soon as you have found the balance, then you can easily fly by pressing the button meant for it. Once you have tried it, you will surely love it. You have to fight your fear of being drowned before you deal with height problems. Both of these are very common fears among people, it is hard to beat them, so you will be struggling. As soon as you have accepted the challenge, that will be the start of everything. If you have ever had the fantasies to fly through the air without struggling, you need to visit Sentosa.
They have the modern Fly Trapeze at the Siloso Beach. From there you can try this fun filled activity. After some of the basic instruction, the visitors may climb up to the highest platform. The instructor will ask you if you are ready and once you said yes, then you are good to go. You need to master the basics of swinging first, before you lift your legs up and knob the bar, from there you can free your hands and swing upside down.


Things to Know about Singapore


singapore people

In this article you will discover a lot of things about Singapore and the mixture of races and culture that made this country complete in every aspect. If you will start with Chinese, they are the biggest ethnic group in Singapore. They make up the most of the country's populace. They are around 1/3 of the country. It is not surprising that the Chinese culture is very much prominent in Singapore, that is from the language to the food and even entertainment. Most of them usually trek in Singapore from the southern provinces of China that includes Fujian and Guandong. Those who came in Hokkien and in Teochew dialect groups are among the most populous that will be followed by the members of the Hainanese, Cantonese and other small groups.

Most of the Chinese traveled from mainland China to Singapore to escape the hardship of life in their hometown, while some of them venture into business in this country. Nowadays, Singaporean Chinese are all shown through various parts of the country from the business to politics even sports. While their normal culture has started to blend with other groups along with the influences of the Western culture, the festival like the Chinese new Year is still celebrated with more reminder of what Chinese meant in this country. Eurasia is the one with a small influence in the Singapore community. It actually encapsulates the east where it meets the west culture of the nation. This group is normally made up of people with various mixtures like European and even Asian lineage where they have been presented starting in nineteenth century.
Most of the Eurasians living in Singapore can even trace their European lineage and they normally came from a family composed of Dutch ancestors, while the Asian part of the ancestry can be traced to the Malays or even Chinese. The very first Eurasians who were able to come to Singapore after the British founded Singapore in 1819. They mainly came from Malacca or Penang in Malaysia. While the colonial period is taking place, a lot of Eurasians were actually working, they work as clerks in the civil service, banks and even trading houses. The ladies primarily worked as educators and nurses. There were more than fifteen thousand to thirty thousand Eurasians in Singapore nowadays, that makes up less than 1% of the populace. With that in mind, the country's media and even entertainment industries continuously developed.
The Indians in Singapore are among the 3rd biggest ethnic group in this country. The community is composed of the Indian populace. A lot of them came from south India just after the British people has established in Singapore. To this day, 60% of the residents in Singapore are Indians and the Tamil ancestry is among the largest. They were known for their entrepreneurial mindset, since they are good in trading from fabrics to jewelries and accessories. They were also represented in some of the professional and political circles.
You cannot discuss about Singaporeans without mentioning Indians, their dishes are among the well known in Singapore. They add flavors to the bland tasting dishes and they are also known to serve some of the finest fritters in this country. The festivals in India are also very colorful, they are also known for their upbeat events. The Deepavali or what they call the Light festival is one of the best in Indian. Malays are among the original settlers in Singapore. They are among the biggest group to ever migrate here. Their culture has influenced the country as well upon their arrival. They are scattered in various parts of Singapore.


Origins of Alcoholic Beverages


Singapore Sling Origins of Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking is a usual habit for many people around the world. Cocktail, wine, vodka, beer, name it, they are all alcohol. The most popular drinking habit comes from the U.S. It's like every people had an alcohol prepared for every single day in their house. Getting someone drink in order to acquaint with him/her maybe one thing you do. While traveling, you may also want to bring your alcohol with you, or buy it along the way. If you are one of the alcohol lovers, then check this signature drink of some country in the world.

Singapore Sling
Who doesn't know this famous drink? Most of the bar serves this drink since it's always become one of the favorite. As its name, it is invented in Singapore. In around the 20th century, a bartender at Raffles Hotel has made this ingredient. The red color is the signature of Singapore Sling. This red alcohol mainly comprises of gin, Cointreau, and Pineapple juice. Other substance added in the process. If you want to try the original taste of Singapore Sling, then it might be a good idea to visit Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore. On the top note, you have to prepare $30 to drink it.
‘Have it stirred, not shaken', this sentence hear familiar, isn't it? This is how martini's made. Martini is also one of the famous drinks over the world, with how it made traditionally. Found in the U.S., uses the mix of gin and dry vermouth. The signature of a martini is the olive. There's a place to drink the most expensive martini cost $1,000. You may hold your breath to hear the cost but a very rich and anxious people are willing to pay that much. What makes it so expensive is not the martini itself, but instead of olive, there's a diamond put in as a garnish. If you interested, you can visit Algonquin Hotel, New York.
Pina Colada
Invented in Puerto Rico, it has been a long thoughts drink since Ramon ‘Monchito' Romero keep trying to make this perfect blend of pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and white rum as long as 3 months. His effort has been paid as his creation burst to the out world, and the government declares it as a national drink. The best place to drink it is where the first time it was being invented, Oasis Bar at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan.
The Daiquiri
Based on sweet rum, and invented in Cuba. A lot of story passing by about how it was invented. One of the most legend told is it comes from the American mining engineers who work in Santiago. Their ingredients are lime juice, syrup, and white rum. You may want to visit the old bar, El Floridita in Havana.
Can't be more famous as an alcohol beverage all over the world. The easiest way to get alcohol in a lighter way, it is beer. Absolutely, you can find beer anywhere, at any time. It is the oldest history of alcohol. The researcher has been sure that beer has been produced since Mesopotamian times. U.S. is the largest amount consuming beer. The best thing to drink beer is the biggest beer festival, Munich's Oktoberfest. You can really enjoy your time finding various beers from wheat beer to dark ale.


Ten Magnificent Private Resorts


Ten Magnificent Private Resorts

In our daily lives we sometimes move away from home. When we are away we expect to have a place where we can comfortably rest when the time comes.
The first resort is Sentosa Shangri-La Rasa (photo). This spa and resort is the one which is in front and it has a beach. It is near to the Changi International airport in Singapore. It is quite away from the city where the residents are in a position to unwind the style. Its environment is so welcoming. There is a pool outside, evergreen rainforest and many others. This resort in the whole city of Singapore it is the only one where buffet breakfast is offered. Options are offered for dinning and also there is a shell café. Events arranged by this hotel take place here. Some of the activities are: flying Trapeze, cycling and many others.
The second resort is Sentosa cove -W Singapore. It is at the Sentosa Island. It can be accessed easily because it is not far from Changi airport using a taxi. This hotel has the modern facilities. The environment is attractive green compound, rooms fitted and furnished with the best modern fittings. They are spacious like forty sq. meters. They have televisions, wall motifs, sound system with a bose as well as mirrors which are full in length and they enhance the whole view of Island and ocean. The dinning is set for six people. It has a balcony which is large,2 bathrooms. It also has the pool outside and bathtub too.
The third resort is the Singapore Bay Hotel. It is at the Faber park which is in the oldest mountain. It is where you are in a position to view both the rainforest and the city. It is a distance of five minutes walking to the Changi airport. The transits also help to deliver the visitors. Luckily enough those who are to be taken to the resort the hotel takes charge. It is close to the biggest shopping center in Singapore and it is only twenty minutes walking to the Island sentosa. You can also have a view to the Chinatown as you see the delights of the precolonial. This is a distance of ten minutes' drive. Shopping is done at Orchard road which is close to the resort.
The fourth resort is the East Village Hotel. This is a 4-star hotel in hospitality. The hotel is in District of Katong only 5 minutes' walk from Parkway parade shopping mall and fifteen minutes walking from the coast park which is at the east.20 minutes' drive along Orchard road towards the international convention through central business district. In this hotel there are four types of rooms: club room, superior room, family room and Deluxe katong. All the rooms are welcoming due to the modern decoration streamlined style. They have nice feeling in the entrance as a result of light colored schemes.
The fifth resort is Capella Singapore. It is at sentosa Island and the rooms are very specious. It is a slightly short distance from Changi airport. It is near the insect kingdom and butterfly park. Singapore images are found at this resort:112 villas, sky tower and manors. It has pools, outdoor showers as well as baths. It is in a landscape.
Sixth resort is sentosa Movenpick.It is in a colonial building which has been renovated and is at the center of Island. From airport a bus or taxi is used. It holds conferences and also accommodates those who are travelling. Business also go on in this hotel and catering services are offered. It is only distance of five minutes from shopping to Island.
Seventh resort is spa and Sofitel Singapore sentosa. Tropical vegetation surrounds the resort and open air in the environment. It has both modern and colonial design. It is famous due to resort spa and restaurants short distance from the airport. It has greats china sea views. In the rainforest various bird species and few mammals in the compound. On the way from town it has great views and dining near the water. It has eatery on the terrace which offers western and Chinese delights.
Eighth resort is Siloso Beach sentosa. Is built on a hill in side o the beach. Short distance from airport and as you arrive friendly staff ground meet as they greet you. In the 7th floor there is a pool and children walk at the end side enhanced by a rubber. They offer quantitative breakfast. Walkways to every room is from outside It has shower caps in the hotel.
Ninth resort is One 15 marina club. It is located on edges of water. During the night the lights on the waters and gives a awesome skyline. Art yachts are offered to charter eleven state to explore the surrounding waters locales and internationally. From shopping mall are great views of botanic gardens and Studios University.
Tenth resort is Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. It has 140 boutique rooms and stylish hotels. Located in tropical gardens on hillside. From airport is forty minutes' taxi drive. This hotel has the best offers in the world for it is not in the city. Attractions on the way like museum history and art. It has dining options, a spa and gym. It has ballrooms for events and meeting like birthday's weddings and conventions.


Top ten family stay locations


shangri la singapore

Families that would love to spend a quality time together does not have to worry about choosing any hotel for accommodation in Singapore. Even though they might be quite expensive, there are various family packages and discounts offered. Some of the hotels and their offers to families are discussed below.

When families are looking for a pocket friendly destination, the village bugis hotel comes with the said offers. Not only is it pocket friendly but also has all facilities that any family would be looking for in any holiday destination, including fun games for the children. It is located in a very accessible location to other parts of Singapore. Facilities for the family to enjoy include a swimming pool, a shopping mall at the vicinity of the hotel. The hotel is accommodating for the young kids by having rooms painted in themes that related to the young ones. Cartoons, games and car themes are some of the themes featuring on the walls of the hotel rooms.
The Shangri-La hotel (in photo) is a chain hotel facility with two contenders around Singapore. The first hotel stands out as the best rated hotel around the country. There is a swimming pool, like many other hotels and is unique for having a court of tennis within its premises. The hotel is located in a vast land covering approximately fifteen acres of land. It has a backyard garden and ponds covering the remaining area. Orchard road is located some minutes away from this hotel. It is also unique for a hotel within Singapore to have such amenities. There are over one hundred rooms that all have different themes covering them. There are international hospitality joints and bars offering unending entertainment for families.
The other hotel contender for Shangri-La is located on Sentosa Island. It offers kids with themes of the jungle that the kids relate with. The themes are drawn taking into consideration the age brackets of the kids. The hotel has a club that is a beehive of activities for the whole family. For families that are seeking to have an access to the beaches, there is a direct route from the hotel.
The Singapore resort is also located on Sentosa Island. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore. The hotel has an area cover of over twenty seven acres. A large pool, and a double court for tennis. The hotel also has facilities for biking up the mountains. Drinks and a buffet is available for the whole family.
The fort canning hotel is located in a very suitable place that is very accessible to the orchard road, about five minutes' walk to the road. Children playing zones and other facilities for adults accommodate all the families.
While seeking to provide your family with holiday joints that have adequate and atmosphere that is friendly, the world resort is the best shot. If you have a toddler, there is a baby-sitting facility that is available.
Indulgence of all the hotel facilities in Singapore is best symbolized by the Capella Sentosa. This hotel caters for all your needs as you request them. Be it for the kids or the adults, it is accommodative for all. The hotel also has a spa, a large one with adequate space and precise location. All forms of tea and coffee are all available.
Carlton hotel is a hotel that most parents in Singapore having children under the age of twelve will always be looking to visit the hotel. This is because the hotel offers free services and amenities for all persons under the age of twelve. It is conveniently located which is important for the whole family.
Being located some few minutes away from the largest center for shopping in Singapore, the movenpick heritage has all the facilities that any family would be looking for in any hotel to suit them. From large and spacious rooms, to available pools as well as world class catering services.
Located between parade and katong shopping centers, the grand mecure is a hotel offering best services for all families. There are Asian cuisines available at your request and a direct transport to the airport is organized. Other hotel facilities in Singapore offering quality family time and leisure includes the York hotel , parkroyal , westin , regent as well as holiday inn. Check in at your own pleasure.

Singaporean Souvenir Guide


Singaporean Souvenir Guide

Shopping in Singapore, in the last minute is an unimaginable situation for the visitors. Last minute shopping in the busy centers like Souvenir shopping is really a tedious chore for the visitors. Some of the Singaporeans are turning their backyard for creative designing and some entrepreneurs are producing the new breed which is uniquely that are of Singapore. The Singapore's Souvenir Guide gives the list of the things which are really amazing.

Gallery At A Glance
‘The Guardian', British newspaper opened the reading gallery, this is the best museum stores in the world. People those who like to read the books can have a nice time at this center. The books are available for all ages, according to their taste. The National Gallery, which is of 8,800 square- foot, has a partnership with the Foreign Policy Design Group, which includes the industry heavyweight. The building architecture which covers two city's historical buildings, at inception these buildings were occupied by the ‘Supreme Count' and ‘The City Hall', were now accommodated by the ‘Olivia Lee stationery' and ‘Supermama', a soft toy center. There is also a refreshment area in the building where one can refresh by having the cupcakes, which has a title of best seller of cakes.
The owner of the Supermama has an idea to collect and curate the historical craft objects. This idea was broken out by the owner when he and his partner were out from their jobs. This happened four years back, now the business is strengthening day by day. Today Supermama is known for its creativity and tranquility in the art museum. Now the Supermama has collaborated with more than 100 creative industries and highlighting the city's culture. All the products are designed with utmost love and patriotism. The owner says that,in the beginning, it was unknown for them to brand the products, he worried. He also expressed that today they are able to support the new market trends and creating a place in the innovative market. To be fact now the store is selling the handpick items throughout the world. So this four year old shop raised its business globally. In the beginning of the year 2016, the Supermama opened a new branch in the Beach Road.
In Good Company (IGC)
This is the iconic Asian fashion tailoring company for the women. ‘In Good Company” opened a new flagship store in the complex of ION Orchard. Along with the flagship store there is a café and a boutique store having a partnership with Plain vanilla. The designers in the, In Good Company described that they are the makers of the sensible clothing for the women in Singapore. These designers are different with other brands around the globe by creating the capsule collections, which is suitable for the Southeast climatic conditions. The specialty of the store is that the customers will surprise when they see the IGC's home created products. The products include cloths which are designed by the locals having the fashion of the experts and the selection of the poems and the novels, and many other products, where all the local brands have acquired significance that we admire.
Books Actually
‘Books actually' is a bookstore where everyone can have a read in the home. The main attraction of the store is that the founder indicates that this is the retail shop which focuses on the Literature. The two partners have a good following of the book warms and they successfully completed a decade in this field. The best thing that was committed by the partners is they picked up the hidden gem writers from the local community and to gain more attraction and attention of the public. They also publish quarterly journal. Price tags were pasted on the covers of the books, so the readers return the books at their convenience. Inside the shop there is a craft center also the visitors can visit and enjoy.
SPUR Hauswerks and PACT
This is a multi-category emporium having 7,500 square feet, which is located in Orchard Central shopping center. This emporium is known for the interior designs and kids products. The founders of this emporium are the expert designers and have an interest in the Asian and Singapore designing. (photo from SPUR Hauswerks instagram)
Have a Glance at our Gallery and enjoy the awesome designs in the center.


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