A night visit to the park

A night visit to the park
night visit to the park singaporeIn order to balance out Singapore's rapid urbanisation, the government initiated several plans in the last few decades to ensure there was plenty of green space left on the main island. The net result of this is that Singapore boasts a host of lush parks, their flowerbeds overflowing with exotic flowers. As you would expect they are kept spotlessly clean and beautifully tended, so it's an absolute joy to take a stroll around them.
The only problem is, of course, the weather. Those year round temperatures of 25 – 30 degrees might be great for your suntan but they are not so much fun if you want to spend a long time outside. The solution? Hit the park at night.
As the sun sinks in the horizon and the city cool down, the green spaces become lushly romantic places for a quiet stroll. While your western mind-set might already be worrying about the possibility of crime in a city park after sundown, don't forget you're in Singapore now. The near non-existent crime rate means you are perfectly safe, no matter what time of day it is.
Fort Canning Park is a great place to go for a view of Clarke Quay and downtown Singapore. Also, it's colonial architecture and ancient gothic gates will be of plenty of interest to history buffs. Bishan park is another lovely park for a late afternoon stroll. The scenery and architecture is much more modern than in Fort Canning and the atmosphere is a bit livelier too. It's particularly popular with dog walkers so, if you have a four legged friend, this is a nice place to go and play.
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